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March 27, 2023

Lucian Romaşcanu, Minister of Culture and National Identity: 1st December, one of the most important symbols that define Romania as a state, and us Romanians as a people

1st December is one of the most important symbols that define Romania as a state, and us Romanians as a people. It is a symbol that distinguishes us in front of other nations by the emblematic emotional charge stated by the Alba Iulia Resolution, which decreed “the union of those Romanians, and all the territories inhabited by them, with Romania”. Even today, the fundamental principles of the Alba Iulia Resolution are a desideratum, but also a good opportunity to reflect on the route Romania has taken over the past 100 years since our predecessors laid the foundations of the Romanian national, unitary, and indivisible state.

Next year, we will all face a huge challenge: the celebration of the Centenary of the Great Union of 1918. It will be a unique moment to unite our efforts and thoughts in the face of a historical moment for modern Romania. But this remarkable occasion already raises an essential question: will the generation of 2018 be able to demonstrate that it can rise to the level of its predecessors who made history?

I believe 2018 will confirm that the Great Union of 1918 Centenary will not fail in ephemeral festivities and together, the entire Romanian nation, we will demonstrate that the spirit that made possible the moment of 1 December 1918 still manifests itself.

I conclude by congratulating Nine O’Clock for the initiative to publish this special supplement dedicated to Romania’s National Day. I also congratulate you on the obstinacy with which, for 27 years, you have survived on the Romanian media market. Nine O’Clock is a viable publication thanks to the initiative, vision, and dedication of the editorial strategy.

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