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January 19, 2022

Vodafone Romania offers dynamic subscriptions for the business environment with adaptive costs according to the monthly communication needs

Vodafone Romania portfolio includes a dynamic mobile subscriptions suite for Romanian companies. The innovative solution automatically adjusts the monthly cost to the employees’ communication needs in the current month. Thus, the cost of each subscription type in the Dynamic portfolio decreases if the data traffic included in the subscription is not consumed, while the maximum cost remains the one stipulated in the contract.

Regardless of the size or industry, companies can now enjoy the benefits of dynamism: even if they have a contract for a longer period, the subscription adapts automatically to provide the optimum level of benefits that the user needs for a specific month. For example, the Dynamic Prime National subscription includes, beside the voice benefits, 1GB of mobile data for 6 euros. If an employee uses 1.5GB of mobile data, the price charged for that month will be of 7 euros. Also, if another employee uses only 0.5GB of mobile data, the company will be charged only 5 euros for that month for the subscription.

Thus, the company has 100% control over the data cost and does not pay more than the predefined limits. The new portfolio includes three types of dynamic subscriptions: with mobile data for national use only, with mobile data in roaming in the European Economic Area (EEA) and with mobile data for laptop and tablet for national use only.

Moreover, companies that opt for dynamic subscriptions also benefit from the advantages offered by Supernet 4.5G, the fastest mobile network in the country, according to tests run by customers in Q3 2017 using Speedtest by Ookla. The most popular speed test application in the world summed more than 250,000 tests during July-September 2017 performed by users in our country. All this shows that Vodafone Romania’s network provides the highest average download and upload speeds, as well as the lowest latency. Vodafone Romania has also been awarded the fastest mobile network in the country in Q2–Q3 2016, for its download and upload performance, as well as for the lowest latency, according to tests run by customers using Speedtest by Ookla.




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