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August 2, 2021

Coca-Cola – “A company for everyone”. The company announced its new strategic direction

At the end of November, Coca-Cola announced, at a press conference, the new strategic positioning of the company, namely “to offer <a product for everybody> and to become <A company for everyone>”, as Nicoleta Eftimiu, Coca-Cola Romania and Moldova General Manager, stated. Being implemented at global level, the “beverage for life” positioning reasserts the Coca-Cola commitment to offer to its consumers options for every life style and moment of consumption, from carbonated beverages to mineral juices and water, in a wide variety of packages. The new positioning also means important investments in developing and promoting new beverages to the consumers, as well as transparent communication of the information in which they are interested.

“The new strategic positioning, <<A company for everyone>>, is also an answer to the transformations the consumer goes through, since it is more and more concerned with having a balanced life style, a synthesis of the journey started by Coca-Cola 130 years ago and a description of the manner in which we see today the company’s future. Specifically, Coca-Cola relies on a more and more large and inclusive offer, on an increasingly stronger diversification of the consumption options, issues that will equip us for a future as solid as the history behind us” Nicoleta Eftimiu also stated.

As part of the new strategic direction, Coca-Cola has made changes in terms of packaging and of the content of its beverages. Thus, as for the content, or “inside the bottle” as expressed by the company’s representatives, Coca-Cola Romania has taken steps to reduce sugar and calories from its portfolio products using the stevia sweetener. As a result, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Calories benefited this year from a marketing budget 70% higher than in 2016, and thus the brand gained an increased presence in stores, of 30 percent of the Coca-Cola total range. Both Sprite and Nestea have taken similar measures, significantly reducing the number of calories in the consumers’ diet. The “outside the bottle” landmark, namely the 10 types of soft drinks packaging provide basic nutritional information of the products, the energy value and the ingredients used. The promotion of small beverage packaging is another measure of the same kind.

As a part of the new strategic direction, “Coca-Cola respects the parents’ right to choose what they think is right for their children; this is why Coca-Cola Romania doesn’t buy advertising space in the TV shows that directly address to audiences where children under the age of 12 represent more than 35% of the spectators” the Coca-Cola Romania and Moldova General Manager also mentioned.


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