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August 12, 2022

PSD’s Stefanescu: It’s decided we stage a national meeting against parallel, illegitimate state

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, main at rule, ed. n.) will stage a protest meeting against the parallel, illegitimate state, on Sunday evening announced the party’s deputy secretary general Codrin Stefanescu, at the end of an informal meeting of the party’s leadership.

The PSD meetings are to take place both in Bucharest and in throughout the country, their date and hour to be set on Monday.

Stefanescu denied that Sunday’s meeting was called to sack their own gov’t or their prime minister and asserted the information in the media as pure speculations, “mere foolishness” and “aberrations”.

“There is but one group in the PSD. We have gathered today because the county organisations’ presidents have asked for this meeting with (party president, ed. n.) Liviu Dragnea and the party’s leadership. Tomorrow we’ll have a meeting with the rest of the county presidents. It is set today that we shall stage a meeting, too, a protest meeting. Our meeting is not to back the gov’t, not to back Dragnea, or the coalition or the governing programme, because they have all been voted last year by the Romanians. It will be a meeting against the parallel and illegitimate state, against the abuses, against the phone tapping, against the violation of civil rights and freedoms, a meeting against those who believe that from their positions they fill without being elected could violate the Constitution and the country’s rules and make themselves an organised group through which they could decide what and how. It is a meeting that shows the real majority in Romania, it is a meeting the Romanians have asked for – this is the message the county presidents have come here,” said Stefanescu, at the PSD’s seat

The PSD’s deputy secretary general said that the decision to organise a meeting was made following the actions on Saturday when “200 protesters assumed not even by the #rezist organisations have made it to disturb a Christmas fair.

“Meaning that 155 Romanian small companies, family associations who were selling this month of December their handmade, culinary products and tens of Bucharesters who would have enjoyed this fair couldn’t do it, because roughly 200 protesters abused their right to stage a meeting. And they simply ruined what it is called the City Hall’s property. And that created a maximum nervousness and a tense situation all over the country, meaning the people who have voted us came over the mayors, the mayors came over the area leaders, the area leaders over the county heads and the county heads have summoned this meeting with Liviu Dragnea this very night,” explained Stefanescu.

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