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February 28, 2021

Gabriel Sandu’s denouncement related to Microsoft deal has been sent to the US Department of Justice and to President Trump

The denouncement made in September at DNA by the former minister Gabriel Sandu, in which he explains the way in which the Microsoft deal was conducted, also referring to US ambassadors, has been sent to the US Department of Justice and to President Donald Trump.

“We haven’t received yet the confirmation notice that it arrived there. It’s on its way, this is for sure, or maybe it has already been received. It was sent to the Department of Justice, more precisely to the US Prosecutor General, and to Mister Trump. It’s a totally special situation. We have two big American companies, and one of them has a worldwide quasi-monopoly, being investigated in the past by the US authorities for practices that aren’t quite legal in terms of corruption and integrity. On the other hand, we have two US ambassadors involved. All these things make any investigation that would be restricted to the national territory to be unlikely to have a solution related to the complaint we’ve already submitted two months ago. We had to do this too, showing some new things compared to those indicated in the complaint submitted to DNA. We attached a notarized translation of the complaint submitted to DNA” stated Gabriel Sandu’s lawyer, Dan Chitic, according to Mediafax.

In September, Gabriel Sandu filed a complaint to DNA in which he explained how the “Microsoft deal” was conducted, and he referred inside the document to Florian Coldea, to ambassadors of the United States of America and of Germany, as well as to Traian Basescu, Emil Boc, Elena Udrea and Sebastian Ghita.

According to the complaint, Gabriel Sandu denounced the US Ambassadors Nicholas Frank Taubman and Mark H. Gitenstein and the Austrian Ambassador Martin Eichtinger, he also denounced Traian Basescu, Emil Boc, Elena Udrea, Dorin Cocos, Claudiu Florica, Dinu Pescariu, Calin Tatomir, Sorin Eftene, Florin Pletea, Dragos Nicolaescu, and the complaint is also made against the Microsoft Company.

According to the quoted source, denouncements have been made also against Florian Coldea and George Maior.

“Microsoft committed influence peddling starting from 2004, being supported to this end by an important group of politicians including the Romanian President of that time, Traian Basescu, Prime-Minister Emil Boc, the counselor of the Romanian President Theodor Stolojan, the presidential counselor Elena Udrea, who later became the Minister of Development, her husband Dorin Cocos, important representatives of the diplomatic corps (ambassadors of the USA, Austria and Germany) and FMI, as well as senior officers of the Romanian Intelligence Service and STS (the SRI Generals Dumitru Zamfir and Dumitru Cocoru, the STS General Marcel Opris, who were the representatives of the SRI Deputy Director, General Florian Coldea and of the SRI Director George Maior)” reads the complaint.

In the document, Gabriel Sandu accuses the US Ambassadors Nicholas Frank Taubman and Mark H. Gitenstein of influence peddling.

“In 2009, I resisted to the insistent request of Mr. Tatomir Catalin, Sorin Eftene, Florin Pletea, which were made directly or through the US embassy and Ambassadors Nicholas Taubman and Mark Gittenstein – mainly as direct threats against me and the Romanian Government -, to the pressure exerted by Mr. Dorin Cocos, Dinu Pescariu (which I met only once in May 2009; next time, he entered my house when I was home, in November 2009), Claudiu Florca – FSC (Fujitsu Siemens Computers GMBH), Dragos Nicolaescu, Diana Comanici, and especially Mr. Cezar Armeanu and Lawyer Doru Bostina. All of them made efforts to convince me to include the solution for the Microsoft licenses into the Government’s Decision, based on the requests made by Mihnea Costoiu” reads the complaint.




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