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May 11, 2021

Firea: Premier Tudose offends party colleagues and behaves “very nicely” with a minority group, in the attempt to consolidate a position

Gabriela Firea stated on Monday, for Antena3, that Premier Mihai Tudose is offending some of his party colleagues, while behaving “very nicely” with a minority group, in an attempt to consolidate his position.

PSD Bucharest President Gabriela Firea pointed out she did not say Mihai Tudose is planning to take over the party, but solely that he is behaving as if he would want to.

“I stated that the Prime Minister is behaving as if he would want to, because only he knows what is in his soul and mind. We cannot make extremely accurate statements about this or that person. I said it seems so because, on one hand, he offends party colleagues, including myself, and behaves very nicely – I would say discriminatorily – with a minority group, in the attempt to consolidate a position. Beyond this only God knows and political life will demonstrate what the truth is,” Gabriela Firea stated.

She said the convening of a PSD leadership meeting that would settle the disputes is possible. “Maybe there will be a meeting in the following days, Executive Committee or Standing Bureau, in which we will all say, with sincerity, everything we have to say, and in a democracy the majority imposes its point of view, but after listening all opinions,” Firea said.

At the same time, she dismissed a statement made by MEP Catalin Ivan on the same television channel, according to which Firea allegedly wants to become PSD President. “I’m telling you that I’m the only credible source. I know if these things are true or not and I’m telling you that what Mr Ivan said and all speculations leaked these days are untrue, word of honour. They are part of a campaign to discredit me, to present the public with a different perception, namely that instead of dealing with Bucharest’s problems I’m in a campaign to take over PSD. It’s false,” Firea said.

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Saturday that Premier Mihai Tudose found an incorrect manner, unbecoming of a colleague, to publicly admonish her for organising a Christmas Fair in Victory Square, pointing out that she would have expected the Premier to tell her this on the phone or in a meeting.

“The Prime Minister found, I believe, an incorrect manner – unbecoming of a colleague – to publicly admonish me for a decision adopted by the institutions subordinated to the City Hall. If he had something to communicate, and an opinion, I would have expected… it would have been colleague-like to phone me or to ask me for a meeting. I hope that from this moment on the Prime Minister would understand the fact that a colleague-like and fair manner of communication with us, his colleagues – still his colleagues –, must be direct, not with hints, innuendos, and ironies via the press,” Firea stated on Saturday for Antena3.

Her statement came after Premier Mihai Tudose had stated on Thursday that organising a Christmas Fair in Victory Square would not be “the most inspired decision,” adding that Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea will also understand that.


Basescu: I’m telling you this is not the end for Tudose. He stands firmer than Grindeanu


Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu stated on Monday, for TVR1 public broadcaster, that the current situation within PSD will not result in Premier Mihai Tudose sharing the fate of ex-Premier Sorin Grindeanu, arguing that the former “stands firmer on his feet.”

Asked whether this is the end for Mihai Tudose, against the backdrop of the tense situation within PSD, Basescu answered: “If you ask me, I’m telling you this is not the end for Tudose.”

“Tudose stands firmer on his feet than Grindeanu. Imagine how PSD would look in the European Union if it were to sack its Government the second time in a year,” Basescu added.

Asked whether it is possible for an undercover officer to end up at the helm of the Government, the ex-President said: “He can.”

“Because there is no interdiction for secret services to recruit ministers. A parliamentarian cannot be recruited, but a minister can be recruited. (…) It doesn’t mean he [Premier Mihai Tudose] cannot be close to the secret services. If I were to look at the schools he graduated (…) I could think he has a close relationship with the secret services,” Traian Basescu claimed.


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