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King Mihai’s funeral next week, Royal House announces ceremonies’ schedule. Tens pay last homage to the King at Royal Palace and Elisabeta Palace. Officials, personalities, foreign diplomats pay tribute to His Majesty, send condolences to the Royal House

King Mihai I will return for the last time to Romania next week, when the ceremonies for the former sovereign’s funeral are scheduled.

*** On Wednesday, 13 December, at 11:00 hrs, the coffin with the body of His Defunct Majesty King Mihai I will touch down at the Henri Coanda International Airport, from where it will be transported by car to the Peles Castle.

The event will unfold in the presence of the Head of the Royal Family, Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, the members of the Royal Family, the representatives of the state bodies, of the Orthodox Church and of His Majesty’s House.

The media will have access at the ceremony. The public will have not access to this event.

* Also on Wednesday, 13 December, at 14:00hrs, the coffin with the King’s body will be laid in the Hall of Honour of the Peles Castle.

The Crown’s Custodian and the Royal Family will be present at Sinaia.

According to the schedule announced by the Royal Family, as of 14:00hrs to 15:00hrs condolence will be allowed on behalf of the President of Romania’s institution, the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova, the members of the Romanian Government and of the Republic of Moldova’s Government, the members of the Parliaments of the two countries; between 15:00hrs and 16:00hrs – representatives of the state (central and local) bodies, from 16:00hrs to 17:00hrs – representatives of the diplomatic corps, the European Union, NATO and international organisations, and from 17:00hrs to 18:00hrs – representatives of the Romanian Academy and the State Academy of the Republic of Moldova, of the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and of the other religious institutions.

The access at the Peles Castle will be made based on the lists previously communicated to the Royal Protocol Service by the above-mentioned institutions, at ofiter.protocol@palatulelisabeta.ro.

The public will not have access during the period the coffin is laid at the Sinaia Royal Domain.

The media will have access on the Peles Castle’s terrace and in certain hourly intervals in the Hall of Honour.

* On the same day, Wednesday 13 December, at 18:00 hrs, the coffin with the body of His Defunct Majesty will be transported from the Peles Castle to the Throne Hall in the Bucharest Royal Palace (49-53, Victoriei Road), where it is to arrive at 20:30hrs.

The ceremony will be private. The public and the media will have no access in the Throne Hall the long of the ceremony. Media will only have access at the entrance in the Royal Palace.

*** All those who will wish to lay wreaths and bow at the catafalque of His Defunct Majesty will be granted access into the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace on Wednesday, 13 December, from 21:00hrs to 24:00hrs, on Thursday, 14 December, 8:00hrs through 22:00hrs, and on Friday, 15 December, from 8:00hrs to 22:00hrs. Access is free. Media is also allowed.

Those present at the Royal Palace to pay their last tribute to King Mihai I are required to observe the following rules:

* to be dressed appropriately, in dark colours

* carry no bags, purses or large luggage

* to not come with children under 7 years of age, or children’s trolleys

* to not use cameras, mobile phones or other electronic gadgets. Shooting and filming are forbidden, out of respect for the solemnity of the occasion, the Royal House says

* to have an ID document upon them

* nobody would be able to lay flowers in person, at the bier. Flowers will be laid in the garden in front of the Royal Palace or on the sidewalk in front of the Palace’s fence. The staff of His Majesty’s House will be at the spot, to guide the public

* the persons who come to the catafalque are required to not bring volumes, letters, postcards, stamps, documents or photos. All of these can be sent subsequently, by mail, to the Elisabeta Palace

* inside the Royal Palace, smoking and talking on the mobile phone are strictly banned.

A first-aid point will be operational as long as access to the Royal Palace is open.

*** On Saturday, 16 December at 10:30, a brief religious service will be delivered in the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace. The media will have no access to this hall during the service.

At 10:55hrs, the coffin with the body of King Mihai will be laid on a bier in the Royal Palace Square. A brief religious and military service will be held. The public’s access to the square is free, in the areas especially arranged for the participants. Media access is also free.

At 11:15, the coffin will be placed in the hearse. From 11:25hrs to 12:15hrs, the funeral procession will ride at low speed on the route starting with Royal Palace Square – Victoriei Road – Splaiul Independentei – Union Square – the Metropolitan Hill’s entrance.

The funeral service will take place as of 12:30hrs to 14:00hrs, at the Patriarchal Cathedral. The public and the media will have no access inside the cathedral.

From 14:00hrs to 18:20hrs, the funeral procession will travel to Curtea de Arges, following the route: Union Square – University Square – Roman Square – Triumphal Arch – Chitila – Titu – Gaesti – Topoloveni – Pitesti – Curtea de Arges. The procession will make no halt the long of the journey, yet it will slow down in localities.

* On Saturday, 16 December, at 18:45hrs the burial ceremony of King Mihai I will take place in the New Cathedral at the Curtea de Arges. The ceremony will be private, in the presence of the Crown Custodian, the Royal Family of Romania and the members of the foreign Royal Families. The public will only have access in front of the entrance gate in the Arges Archbishopric park. The media will be allowed in front of the New Cathedral at Curtea de Arges.

The presence of the media will not be allowed inside the New Cathedral, neither before, nor during the burial ceremony.

The New Cathedral cannot be visited 7 days after the funeral.

The Royal Family announces a deep-mourning period of 40 days and a three-month mourning (from the time of death, 5 December, ed. n.). The deep mourning and the mourning periods refer to the public presence of the Royal Family members.

The condolence books are open as of Wednesday at the Peles Castle, the Royal Castle (Victoriei Road) and at the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest. They are to be at the public’s disposal for 40 days from the date of death. Moreover, condolence messages could be sent online to http://www.familiaregala.ro/mesaje, the Royal House specifies.


PM Tudose: National days of mourning on 14,15 and 16 December during King Mihai’s funeral


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced on Wednesday that 14,15 and 16 December will be decreed as national days of mourning, during the funeral ceremonies of King Mihai.

“Today, on the agenda, if the Secretariat General of the Gov’t moved accordingly, 14, 15 and 16 December will be decreed as national days of mourning, days when practically the funeral of the former King of Romania is being carried out,” Tudose mentioned at the beginning of the Gov’t sitting.


Funeral ceremony for King Mihai: 43,000 lei allotted to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for protocol


The Government on Wednesday decided to earmark RON 43,000 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) for the opening of the official salon at the Otopeni Airport where there will be received the heads of state and government and members of royal families who will come to Romania to attend the funeral ceremony for King Mihai, government sources inform.

The amount will be granted to MAE from the Budget Reserve Fund at the hand of the Government, as stipulated in the state budget for 2017, according to a decision adopted by the Romanian Government on Wednesday.

The money were granted based on the estimates of the Royal House, according to which more than 100 foreign personalities are expected to come to the funeral ceremony for the King, said the same source.


Tens pay last homage to King Mihai at Royal Palace


Tens of people on Wednesday paid their last homage to King Mihai, laid wreaths and lighted candles at the Royal Palace.

Those who visited the Royal Palace, today the National Art Museum, on this said occasion also had the chance to sign in the Condolence Book opened in the memory of the former sovereign.

Among those who wanted to pay a last homage to King Mihai was Dinu Zamfirescu, the President of the Scientific The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER).

“King Mihai represented for me the symbol of this country in exile. First of all because I met in exile and we were many who met while being in exile, on various occasion that we created to bring him there, among the Romanians. It is also a personal loss for me, but a greater one for the country,” said Dinu Zamfirescu, according to Agerpres.

For all those who came to the Royal House on Wednesday, King Mihai was “an ideal of morality and honour,” “a personality of the world,” who loved Romania.

“He loved Romania, even if he was banned. I have no word to say on such occasion. (…) Unfortunately, there are no other men like him, able to lead us,” said a woman, who also came to pay an homage to the former king.

Another person also said that the King was “a big personality of the world.” “A special man. There was a time when my parents had someone they could respect,” said a lady, who said she was born in 1944.

The people who came to the Royal Palace also left a flag with the Royal Family’s insignia, a portrait of King Mihai and a banner reading one of His Majesty’s messages – “I do not see today’s Romania as an inheritance of our parents, but as a country that we borrowed from our children.”


Elisabeta Palace: Public tribute to King Mihai, Academician Balaceanu-Stolnici, Japan’s Ambassador sign condolence book


Ambassador of Japan in Bucharest Kisaburo Ishii, and Academician Constantin Balaceanu-Stolnici were among the mourners who signed the Condolence Book opened at the Bucharest Elisabeta Palace in memory of King Mihai.

I hope the Romanians will be more united now, at this very sad time. I hope Romania is united and all work together, said Japan’s Ambassador in Bucharest Kisaburo Ishii.

In his turn, nonagenarian Academician Constantin Balaceanu-Stolnici said that he regrets the death of King Mihai – “one of the most remarkable personalities” he has been contemporary with. “He was one of the most interesting and competent personalities in our history, and a decent man,” said the Academician.

He highlighted the late sovereign’s “courage and initiative” at the August 23, 1944 moment when Romania switched to the Allied cause.

“A salutary move, although some criticize it. I’ve lived that day. Had he not accomplished the August 23 moment, let aside that the Russian juggernaut would have rolled us over, we would never have taken Transylvania back and this also cut the war short by several months, saving thousands and thousands of lives. (…) We would be greatly lucky if a personality of such quality emerged again to lead us in this troubled and shallow-minded world that rules us today,” Balaceanu-Stolnici said.

He pointed out that King Mihai has never uttered disappointment at his people and his country. “He never said that, even if he may have felt it. He held the Romanian nation in respect. He was a true Romanian,” the Academician concluded.

One of the people to sign the Condolence Book at the Elisabeta Palace was also a BBC World News journalist who expressed his respect for King Mihai’s personality and the Royal Family. I think he is a very important figure of Romanian history, the journalist said.

Flowers and lit candles were laid on the benches at the gate of the Elisabeta Palace in tribute to King Mihai.


Officials, personalities, foreign diplomats pay tribute to His Majesty, send condolences to the Royal House


US Ambassador Hans Klemm: King Mihai, brave patriot striving for freed Romania


Ambassador of the United States to Romania Hans Klemm stated on Wednesday in western Cluj-Napoca that King Mihai was a courageous patriot striving for a freed Romania.

“I would like to express my condolences and sympathy for all those who admired King Mihai of Romania. In the by-gone centuries numerous Romanians have carried out many acts of bravery, however, if we take a deeper look at the 1944-1947 interval, I believe it would have been difficult to have identified a braver, more determined, more patriotic Romanian than King Mihai, for the role he had in August 1944 and his struggle to ensure a free Romania and to set boundaries in the way of the communist consolidation after the end of the 1945 conflict. I could not maintain it was an unique effort but certainly his contribution to that effort was exemplary and many have admired that part of history,” Hans Klemm said.

Moreover, the U.S. Ambassador observed a minute of silence in King Mihai’s memory before participating in the “Preparing for the 21st century threats” debate.

The Dean of the European Studies Faculty, Nicolae Paun proposed, in the opening of the debate, a minute of silence in King Mihai’s memory and all the 150 participants in the event stood up and kept silence for a few seconds.

The Faculty of European Studies with Babes-Bolyai University hosted on Wednesday the debate titled “Preparing for the 21st century threats” organised by the CITADEL Reflection and International Analysis Group, an analysis think-tank in international policy.


US Embassy: King Mihai I’s patriotism, love for Romania will always be remembered


The US Embassy in Romania has expressed its condolences to the people of Romania on the death of His Majesty King Mihai I of Romania.

“His role in the victory in World War II and service to the Allies was recognized by the Government of the United States of America, who awarded His Majesty the Legion of Merit in 1946. His Majesty King Michael I’s patriotism, his love for Romania, and his dedication to the Romanian people will always be remembered,” reads a press statement released by the embassy on Wednesday.


Kevin Hamilton, Ambassador of Canada to Romania: His Majesty, King Michael will be remembered as a man of courage, generosity and indomitable principle


“We extend to the Royal House our deepest condolences on the passing of His Majesty, King Michael I of Romania. In his lifetime, by his actions and by his example, King Michael represented the most virtuous attributes of Romania’s past. He served as an inspiration for generations of Romanians when they envisaged and worked towards achieving the best possible future for their country,” reads a press release on the death of King Mihai of Romania, issued by the Embassy of Canada on Wednesday.

“His Majesty’s courage in standing up against the tyranny of fascism, coupled with his perseverance and dignity during decades of exile imposed by an oppressive communist regime, were and remain an inspiration to the Romanian people. For his people, and for Romania’s friends around the world, His Majesty was a source of hope during a desperate era and, later, a symbol of redemption when Romanians so dramatically regained their country’s freedom, and reclaimed Romania’s place among the family of European democratic nations, from1989 onwards. His Majesty, King Michael will be remembered as a man of courage, generosity and indomitable principle. His life’s work reflected the spirit and inherent kindness of the Romanian nation. May we all learn from his example. And may he rest in peace,”  the quoted press release maintains.


Russian Embassy in Bucharest: King Mihai enters history as a brave statesman


King Mihai has entered history as a brave statesman, by leading his country in the anti-Hitler alliance, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest says in a condolence message at the Romanian sovereign’s passing away.

“The Embassy of Russia in Bucharest has learned with regret of the death of the former King of Romania, Mihai I,” the diplomatic mission specifies on its official Facebook page.

According to the message, King Mihai has entered history as a brave statesman who “made it to put an end to the military escapades of the Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu on the Nazi Germany’s side.”

“Joining the anti-Hitler coalition, Romania became the ally of the Soviet Russia and of other United Nations’ members, a fact that allowed the rescue of tens of thousands of lives and the more accelerated post-war reconstruction of the country,” the embassy’s message stresses.

Moreover the message recalls that King Mihai was bestowed a decoration on the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s behalf.

“His wisdom as a statesman has been granted a high appreciation in the USSR and the Romanian monarch was presented with the highest Soviet distinction, the Order of Victory. In 2005 and 2010, the King participated in the Victory Day’s Parade in the Red Square and was decorated by president Vladimir Putin with the jubilee medal in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great War for the Country’s Defence,” the message goes on.

The Embassy of Russia expresses herein “condolence to the Romanian Royal Family and the entire Romanian people in connection with this irreplaceable loss.”


Cardinal Lucian: King Mihai’s figure, worthy example of devotion and sacrifice on Romania’s altar


King Mihai’s figure endures as an example of devotion and sacrifice on dignified Romania’s altar which he served to the very end, Cardinal Lucian stated in his condolences message sent on Tuesday to Crown Princess Margareta, in the name of the Romanian Church united with Rome, Greek-Catholic and in his own personal name.

“The passage to God of Romania’s Sovereign, King Mihai leaves us with sorrowing hearts. the Figure of His Majesty stands for all of us as an example of devotion and sacrifice on dignified Romania’s altar which he served to the very end. He was truly an example for the entire Romanian community and King of all Romanians,” Cardinal Lucian, Major Archbishop of the Romanian Church united with Rome, Greek-Catholic.

In his name and of the Greek-Catholic Church, Cardinal Lucian expressed his sincere condolences “upon this sad occasion” to Her Royal Highness Margareta.

“May God Almighty rest him in peace and set him with all the Romanian kin heroes, into the joy of His eternal dwellings,” Cardinal Lucian further said.

Upon the orders of Cardinal Lucian, in all the churches of Alba-Iulia and Fagaras Archdiocese, mourning bells for King Mihai’s soul repose will be rung starting with Wednesday and to the day of the funeral, at 12:00 hrs.


PG Augustin Lazar: King Mihai I to endure as benchmark and symbol for Romanian people


Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar sent on Tuesday a message of condolences to the Royal Family of Romania, in which he points out that His Majesty King Mihai I will forever endure as a benchmark and a symbol for the Romanian people.

“We have received with profound regret the news of the passing of His Majesty King Mihai I. His Majesty King Mihai I will forever remain a benchmark and a symbol for the Romanian people. I wish to express, in this trying moments, sincere condolences as well as my compassion for and solidarity with the entire Royal Family of Romania,” reads the message of the Romania’s Prosecutor General, released on Tuesday on the Public Ministry’s Facebook page.


Memorial services for King Mihai I in Romanian Orthodox churches in Kingdoms of Sweden, Norway and Denmark


Memorial services for King Mihai I were officiated in Romanian Orthodox churches in the kingdoms of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe informs in a press statement.

Bishop Macarie Dragoi of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe sent condolences to the Royal Family of Romania, urging the clerics and the faithful to pray for King Mihai, who left this life for the afterlife on December 5, 2017.

“Let us thank King Mihai for his noble, discreet, dignified presence among us and pray for his soul repose. We ought, at this time, to do some spiritual soul-searching to what royalty meant to us, Romanians, but also to historical tragedies which directly involved Romania and King Mhai. Let us remember that the historical motto of Romanian kings was “Nihil sine Deo” [Nothing without God – ed.n.], the bishop preached during Wednesday’s Liturgy in the Romanian parish church “Saint George” in Stockholm.

“Let us also remember King Mihai’s and Queen Anne’s noble, distinguished posture, blending naturally with the openness, delicacy and warmth they manifested towards their country’s simple folk people. /…/ WE should also remember history’s tragedies that marked King Mihai’s life and our lives too: the world war, the country’s tear, the dark communist era, the exile, the hard return after 1989. All these trials were overcome with dignity and self-control, with great faith in what we are and what we can be as a country, as a nation.King Mihai is perhaps the only, perhaps, who could authentically inspire us confidence in our future, through his attitude and conviction, because he sincerely believed in us and in this nation’s potential,” Macarie Dragoi underscored, as quoted in the press statement released by the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe.


Royal House’s Statute: Princess Margareta remains Custodian of Romania’s Crown, after death of King Mihai I


Princess Margareta remains the Custodian of the Crown of Romania, following the death of King Mihai I, according to Article 2, paragraph 4 of the Statute of the Royal House of Romania, promulgated by the signature of the former sovereign, in December 2007.

“Heir to the helm of the Royal House of Romania is Her Royal Highness Margareta, the Crown Princess of Romania (jure sanguinis), who will be from now on and will remain, after my death, Custodian of the Crown of Romania (ad personam)”, reads the document, posted on the website romaniaregala.ro and signed by King Mihai.

The statute specifies in article 1 paragraph 2 that “the head of the Royal House of Romania, according to all the practices and conventions of today, is de jure or de facto Sovereign, in terms of authority over the Royal House of Romania, at any moment.”

“Immediately after the death of the Head of the Royal House of Romania, without any subsequent proclamation, the Heir Apparent or the Heir Presumptive, function of who will be alive and the first in the line of succession at that time, will receive from that moment the title and the appellation of King or Queen, regardless of the position of the Family as a reigning or non-reigning Dynasty, and regardless of whether he/she will later choose to use such a title or appellation or not,” reads the Statute of the Royal House of Romania, promulgated by the signature of His Majesty King Mihai I of Romania, in order to succeed all other Statutes and Laws of the House, starting with December 30, 2007.

In the case of a future woman as Head of the Royal House of Romania, her consort will receive the title of “His Royal Highness Prince Consort of Romania” (ad personam), according to Article 1 (7), title, rank and appellation that will precede any other title, Romanian or foreign, which he may have during the marriage and only during the lifetime of his wife and only as long as she remains Head of the Romanian Royal House.

The current consort of the Crown Princess of the Royal House of Romania is His Royal Highness Radu, Prince of Romania (ad personam).

The line of succession to the throne and to the helm of the Royal House of Romania is the one thus established, according to the Statute of the Royal House: 1 – HRH Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, Custodian of the Crown of Romania; 2 – HRH Princess Elena of Romania; 3 – Elisabeta Karina de Roumanie; 4 – HRH Princess Sofia of Romania; 5 – Elisabeta Maria Biarneix; 6 – HRH Princess Maria of Romania.

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