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May 9, 2021

US Ambassador Klemm: Russia ran disinformation campaign to cause fraction among NATO allies

Ambassador of the US to Romania Hans Klemm stated on Wednesday, at the “Preparing for the 21st century threats” debate, organised in Cluj, that the Russian Federation ran misinformation campaigns to create confusion and cause a cleavage among NATO allies.

The Ambassador added that some allies, especially Romania, voiced concerns regarding Russia’s influence and its intentions in the Republic of Moldova, because of the military troops in Transnistria, but also because of Russia’s involvement in cyber and intelligence areas. He went on saying that Russia carried out an ongoing propaganda and misinformation campaigns in order to promote Kremlin’s strategic agenda, adding that it is clearly a favorite method of Russia to seed discord and divide NATO allies, and others, that are seen as opponents. The US Ambassador said that Russia, taking advantage of democratic societies, seeks to influence the public opinion and, often, spreads fake news, using media sources belonging to the state, such as Russian television, Sputnik and social media. In certain places, such as Romania, where the population is cautious towards Russia’s motives, Kremlin’s tactics are more subtle. He also added that Russia tries to break the populations’ confidence in the EU, NATO and the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the US.

According to US Ambassador, Romania should be careful regarding corruption, because it, too, represents a threat.

The official said that corruption is a non-conventional threat, and building a resistance means maintaining and strengthening a justice system which is capable of fighting against corruption. He went to say that the US Gov’t voiced concern regarding the legislative proposals that were presented by the Justice Ministry, that are currently under parliamentary debate. He added that from the US point of view, over the last decade, Romania has growth incredibly in its fight against corruption, thus the democratic values that are being shared, which represent the force of any government seeking the confidence of its citizens, must be protected. The preservation of an independent justice built over the past 15 years in Romania, reassures the Romanian people and NATO allies of Romania’s force, Hans Klemm said.

The European Studies Faculty of the Babes-Bolyai University hosted on Wednesday the debate called “Preparing for the 21st century threats,” which was organised by the CITADEL Group of Reflection and International Analysis, an analysis think-tank in the area of international politics.

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