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May 12, 2021

A criminal file was opened against the PSD MP accused that he wished to drive over protesters. The MP defends himself

Bucharest Police opened a file for unintentionally bodily harm against the PSD MP Ioan Terea, which will be forwarded to the General Prosecutor’s Office; the MP claimed that his car was hit by protesters, the latter stating that the parliamentarian wanted to drive over them.

“This evening, around 21.00, the police officers of the Road Brigade who were acting to streamline the traffic in the area of the Parliament’s Palace, intervened immediately when they noticed a road incident in which 3 people have been involved, namely two pedestrians and one driver. All of them have been led to the Road Brigade’s headquarter to be heard and to establish the factual and the legal situation. After the hearings, other activities will be ordered to accurately determine the causes and the circumstances of the event” Bucharest Police reported on Wednesday evening.

Being contacted by MEDIAFAX, the PSD MP Ioan Terea confirmed that he was involved in such an incident. “Before leaving the Parliament’s yard, the SPP officer at the gate told me that it would be better for me if I would get out on the left side, since there are protesters on the right side. I got out on the left side, there is a pedestrian crossing 10 meters away. When I was at the crossing, the protesters saw the car, they surrounded me and hit the car with their fists and legs. There are footprints on the right-sided, back door. One of them hanged on the mirror, the others swore at me” Ioan Terea said.

He denied that he wanted to hit the protesters. “How could I hit them? With the side of the car? There are no traces on the front of the car, they are only on the left side” Terea said.

He mentioned that he was tested with the breathalyzer before a group of 3 or 4 people who were involved in hitting the car, according to him, went to the police station.


Terea: The file is a nonsense. I haven’t imagine that the police acts with such a fear


PSD MP Ioan Terea stated on Thursday that the file opened on his name for bodily harm is “a nonsense”, and he wished to criticize the policemen who were present on Wednesday evening, saying that he couldn’t imagine that “the Police acts with such a fear”.

“It’s a nonsense. Criminal file, it’s me who should make a criminal complaint for what they did to my car” the PSD MP Ioan Terea stated for MEDIAFAX.

Yet, he said that he will not submit a complaint against the protesters involved in the incident.

“I’m not going into conflict, submitting statements to the Prosecution Office and so on” the Social Democrat MP added, mentioning that he will fix his car by his own.

Terea wished to criticize the policemen’s behavior on Wednesday evening.

“I couldn’t imagine that the Police acts with such a fear! I couldn’t believe it. (…) I will make an interpellation in the Parliament for what happened to me. The Police’s position must be a very strong one, in order to apply the law. I will advocate for this” the PSD MP added.


PSD Sibiu on the incident at the Parliament in which the MP Ioan Terea was involved: It was suddenly assaulted; there are groups of protesters that are manipulated by dangerous persons coordinated by those who are leading the parallel state


Referring to the incident at the Parliament’s Palace on Wednesday evening, in which the MP Ioan Terea was involved, PSD Sibiu claims that he was “suddenly assaulted”, without being able to defend himself, by two protesters who jumped on his car, starting to hit it with their fists and legs. The group calls on the peaceful demonstrators to withdraw from the groups of the violent protesters who are manipulated by people coordinated by those who are leading the parallel state.

“We are witnessing street demonstrations who have far exceeded the standards of the democratic protests. We express our concern for what is happening in the street since several days, especially since it is obvious that the way in which the few protesters (who are the same every time) chose to act, becomes more and more dangerous for the whole society” is the message sent by PSD Sibiu.

The group says that MP Ioan Terea was “suddenly” assaulted and he couldn’t defend himself, and his car was hit by two demonstrators with the fists and legs.

The group calls on “the protesters who are in good faith” not to accept violent demonstrations and to withdraw from the groups that are manipulated by dangerous people who are coordinated by those who are leading the parallel state.

“PSD Sibiu calls on the protesters in good faith not to accept violent demonstrations and to withdraw from the groups that are manipulated by a few persons who are extremely dangerous, who are obviously coordinated by those who are leading the parallel state and want to block the Romanian Parliament’s work”, the group says.

The PSD members also claim that there are always people in the street instigating violence and manipulating those who are peaceful, and they gave the example of the last week’s incident, when a 71 years old man was hit by a protester in the Victoriei Square, crashing his arcade, after he hit him with his backpack.

“We respect the constitutional right to the freedom of speech and the citizens’ right to protest, as long as these protests are within the limits of the law and violence is not used. The Parliament is the supreme institution of the democracy, and the debates, the exchanges of ideas and opinions must be held in this body, in a civilized way”, says the President of the PSD Sibiu County Organization, Bogdan Trif.


Photo: Agerpres



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