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October 2, 2020

Ambassador Maior: Anti-missile defence system, confirms US’s strong commitment to Romania’s and Euro-Atlantic’s security

The anti-missile defense system represents a strong commitment on behalf of the United States to Romania’s and the Euro-Atlantic’s security, Romanian Ambassador to the United States George Maior stated Thursday at an event in Washington.

“At its 20th anniversary, the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States of America, grounded on common values of freedom and democracy, provides the framework for the development of the joint security and prosperity,” Maior affirmed while underscoring Romania’s contribution, alongside the U.S. to combating a large range of security threats, both regionally and globally, reads a press release of the Romanian Embassy to the United States.

“The Aegis Ashore anti-missile defence system essentially reflects the realisation of this partnership, it represents the U.S.’s strong commitment to Romania’s security and the Euro-Atlantic’s, as well as the guarantee of our transatlantic tie,” the Ambassador said during a lecture on the anti-missile defence topic, held at the ‘Shared Threats and a Common Purpose: U.S. – Romania Missile Defense Cooperation’ event, organised by the Hudson Institute in Washington.

According to the release, Maior also highlighted the way the Romanian-American cooperation contributes to the NATO anti-missile defence capability and ensures the robustness of the anti-missile defence regional architecture.

“By integrating into the NATO system, Aegis Ashore Romania has brought a major contribution to the expansion of the allied coverage and protection area against potential missile attacks outside the Euro-Atlantic area, against the backdrop of this threat’s buildup, regionally and globally,” the ambassador further added.

Maior also referred to the complexity of the security environment in the Black Sea area and NATO’s entire eastern flank, pleading for the consolidation of the allied deterrence and defence posture. In the context, he pointed out Romania’s efforts to fulfill the commitments assumed within NATO and for the development of the national defence capabilities: the allocation of 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product for defence starting with 2017, the modernisation of the Romanian armed forces and their capabilities, the contribution to foreign missions and operations, the Romanian Embassy to the U.S. ends its release.

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