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June 28, 2022

Launch of the public communication campaign “We are NATO”. ForMin Melescanu: We are truly NATO’s reliable ally

Participation in the North-Atlantic Alliance and the Partnership with the US represent for Romania the fundamental pillars of its foreign affairs and security policy, Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu stated on Friday, while underscoring that our country is a reliable ally to NATO.

“In all these years, with all the changes that we saw happening in Parliament, on the streets, in the media, EU accession and participation, Romania’s NATO membership was one of the few things or maybe the only issue that was never a topic for contradictory debates. Romania does not only benefit from the security offered by the North-Atlantic Alliance and the Strategic Partnership with the US, but it also became an active participant in defining and implementing the organization’s objectives. (…) We are truly NATO’s reliable ally,” said Melescanu, upon the launch of the public communication campaign “We are NATO,” carried out at the Law School of the University of Bucharest. Participating in this event, where they also showed the spot of the campaign “We are NATO”, were militaries from Romania, USA, Canada, Germany and students.

Melescanu underscored the importance of Romania’s participation in the information campaign of NATO. “For Romania participating in this campaign is very important (…), for it is meant to give us two major possibilities, namely the possibility to present, try to understand how the Alliance could function better, and at the same time it gives us the possibility of understanding what is Romania’s contribution to this alliance, to his actions of strengthening security and in relation to the vision regarding our future,” said Melescanu.

The head of the Romanian diplomacy specified that all the surveys showed that in Romania’s case, “We are NATO” is not a campaign meant to “teach” people about the Alliance, but one to express the support that our country grants to NATO.

Melescanu told those present to think of the NATO in very “philosophical terms”, showing that it is about an “important structure, which actually participates in the adoption of such decisions intended for our security.”

According to the head of the Chief of General Staff, Nicolae Ciuca, the “We are NATO” campaign is a platform for information and dialogue.

“I think that we can learn from one another. We are not the only ones with answers for you, but I believe that this campaign could trigger a dialogue about all that this chapter of the allied member status meant and of the alliance in its entirety, for there are very many elements that we can discover together and I really encourage this dialogue and participation,” said Ciuca.


Romania steady on position, let Israel, Palestine live in good neighborliness


Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu said on Friday that Romania steadily preserves its position as to the creation of two states – Israel and Palestine – pointing out that the two sides need to seek avenues of direct dialogue, and not resort to unilateral measures that could have a negative impact on negotiations.

“Romania’s position is the one we have consistently had as regards the idea of creating two states – Israel and Palestine – living in good neighborliness and prosperity, true to our vision that this solution must be found through the stakeholders’ direct dialogue and at the same time to the idea that it is advisable not to resort to unilateral measures that could have a negative impact on the negotiations. The decision announced by the US is, in my opinion, an encouraging element, because President Trump clearly sends a signal – leaving aside the embassy’s relocation – about the desire of the US to get involved in finding a solution, and especially stressing that the situation of Jerusalem, the situation of the two states in the region, will be the subject of negotiations and the legal status of the two states and of Jerusalem will be nailed down depending on the solutions they agree upon,” Melescanu said, when asked how he comments the decision announced by US President Donald Trump on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


ForMin Melescanu on post-Brexit deal: British side agrees to protecting EU citizens’ rights and freedoms in UK


Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said on Friday that the UK is in principle committed to preserving, after the Brexit, the same status for all those who lawfully live in the UK.

Melescanu said that the first stage of the UK-EU negotiations on Brexit wrapped up.

“The first stage has come to end, it is a stage of agreeing on the principles to be negotiated in the second stage and subject to agreement or understanding. It is very clear today that the British side has agreed to preserve the rights and freedoms of EU citizens living on the territory of the UK. Yet we must look specifically at the provisions regulating the stay of European citizens, Romanian citizens included, on Great Britain’s territory. In principle, the UK pledged to keep, after it exits the EU, the same status for all those who live on its territory,” Melescanu said upon the launch of the public communication campaign “We are NATO,” carried out at the Law School of the University of Bucharest.




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