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August 8, 2022

Minister-delegate for European Affairs Negrescu: Future status of Romanians living in UK post-Brexit our top priority

Minister-delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu says that, in what concerns the ongoing negotiations for Brexit, the top priority remains the future status of the Romanian citizens living in UK.

In the context of the recommendation made by the European Commission on Friday regarding the transition to stage two of the negotiations with the UK, Negrescu said that, alongside the other member states, Romania is also working for a conclusion of the negotiation process to benefit the European citizens in the United Kingdom, with the key words being here “caution and openness.”

Minister Victor Negrescu will represent Romania to the next General Affairs Council, where negotiations generated by Great Britain’s exit from the EU will be the topical issue. Romania is part of this process and the Minister’s main concern is to protect the rights of Romanians living in the UK and to get sure that the solutions to be reached would contribute to the strengthening of the European project.

“There are such positive solutions that can be adopted during the negotiation process, and the future status of Romanians living in UK is a top priority of us. The Commission made it sure during the negotiations that the rights of all European citizens from UK shall be observed; what we want is to receive this guarantee, which would mean a very important progress and a success of the EU negotiators. This is a good news for the Romanian citizens and a hope that the objective for which we all fought during this time – defending their rights – can be accomplished,” said Negrescu in a release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also mentioned that both at the General Affairs Council and at the ministerial and governmental level he has been working with the other institutions to get sure that, at the end of the negotiations process, the Romanians living in UK, the same as the rest of the Romanian citizens in the EU, won’t suffer.

“We’ve met with the Romanians in UK and we had consultations and debates with various factors in order to find solutions. The negotiation process is very complex and we are prepared for any situation that might appear while it’s still ongoing. Until this process is complete, we remain prudent, but also optimistic,” said the Minister-delegate for European Affairs.

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