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March 3, 2021

PSD’ s Badalau: What happened in the Deputies’ Chamber doesn’t honor the USR MPs

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) Executive Chairman Niculae Badalau stated on Thursday that the incident that happened in the Deputies’ Chamber on Wednesday “doesn’t honor the USR parliamentarians”, whom he accused of aggressiveness, saying that he doesn’t know the statements made by the PSD Senator Serban Nicolae, but the PSD MPs behaved appropriately.

“It’s hard for me to judge a colleague, but what happened in the Deputies’ Chamber doesn’t honor the USR parliamentarians for the manner in which they acted. However, a parliamentarian must be decent, since he or she is sent to the Parliament to observe the parliamentary democratic procedures…” Niculae Badalau stated.

However, the PSD Executive Chairman admitted that Serban Nicolae “shouldn’t reply like this”.

Asked if Serban Nicolae should apologize, Badalau answered: “I don’t even know the reply. All that I know is that it was an inappropriate reply”.

“The USR group did have a problem. To bring a speaking-tube, to block the Parliament’s works… There are parliamentary procedures which we can adopt or make by a procedural manner in Parliament: filing amendments, advocating for them, but that way is a way that doesn’t honor anybody. (…) They were aggressive, too. If you look in the street, then Parliament is a body which debates issues and even tries to solve tensions. Transferring them in the street with violence… We notice that a far right, which Romania never had, is being built. And it has all the ingredients of a far wing – violence and an extremely violent language” the Social Democrat leader added.

He also said that the PSD MPs’ behavior was a fair one: “I believe they did their job and they voted or not the amendments that were subject to voting”.

Also asked if there will be a discussion with Serban Nicolae in the Senate’s PSD parliamentary group, Badalau answered: “To do what to him? To scold Mr. Serban Nicolae?!”

USR MP Cosette Chichirau and PSD Senator Serban Nicolae had a tough exchange during the debates in the plenum of the Deputies’ Chamber on the Statute of the magistrates; Chichirau accused the PSD member of stealing and the senator said that she is “stupid” and “socially assisted”.

While the USR MPs occupied the tribune, presenting their amendments to the Statute of the magistrates by using a speaking-tube, Cosette Chichirau went live on Facebook, presenting images from the plenary session around the tribune while commenting what was going on in the plenary.

“They are the authors of these amendments, they are the authors of this abuse, this is what they are making of the Romania’s judiciary!” Chichirau was saying while closely filming Florin Iordache and Serban Nicolae. Passing by the USR MPs, Doina Pana commented: “Traitors of the nation!”. Another PSD MP, Catalin Radulescu, came with a sheet of paper on which was written “Soros’s parrots” and which he shaken in front of the smartphone with which Cosette Chichirau was filming.

Later, the main target of the filming made by the USR MP was Senator Serban Nicolae, who was present at the Deputies’ Chamber as the co-initiator of the draft law. When he saw he was filmed, the senator started to comment together with Ioan Munteanu, the leader of the PSD MPs, who was in the first desk, too: “This woman has no job. She’s a socially assisted person…”

“Criminals are leading us…” Chichirau replied. “The criminal one is your mother, who made you a jerk” the Social Democrat said.

The dialogue between them continued in the same way:

  1. Nicolae: Don’t show me your bean when grinning. You’d better wash your teeth! You have food between them.
  2. Chichirau: Let me see! I don’t think so, I wash them. Mr. Serban Nicolae is offending me, he is offending the whole Romanian nation and he is stealing in an organized group.
  3. Nicolae: I didn’t steal anything, don’t be a jerk! You can file a criminal complaint. Look for a iterate fellow and make a criminal complaint for what I stole! Don’t laugh anymore, because it’s a sad image…
  4. Chichirau: I am a PhD in Finance, you are a driver for the organized crime group.
  5. Nicolae: You are so stupid, what you’re saying is unbelievable! Prove me that I was a driver.

When Chichirau said that there are pictures in which Serban Nicolae appears as the driver of some delinquents, Serban Nicolae said that he could also claim that he has pictures with Cosette Chichirau in private circumstances.

“It’s not important how I was insulted. The important thing is what happens with justice in Romania. We have to deal with an organized crime group, and any deputy who votes for this law is an accomplice of this group. I don’t feel offended. Mr. Serban Nicolae cannot offense me. He has no moral or intellectual capacity to offense me. I am here to defend Romania’s laws, to defend Romanian people, he can say whatever he wants, I am not interested in it personally” Cosette Chichirau stated after the verbal altercation with Serban Nicolae.

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