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April 21, 2021

Romanian state vs Deep state

“Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one’s enemies.” (Leon Trotsky)


For weeks, I avoided writing about the topic that I now find myself forced to tackle for reasons as objective as possible.

I considered that writing about the new “deep state paradigm” lately launched in the Romanian public space (in fact, a conspiracy theory of an extremely precarious and low intellectual and moral level) – aside from the whole diversion, demagoguery and flagrant populism we already recognise from afar as being natural accessories within PSD – would mean to descend in a moral political area that cannot be accepted or taken seriously by any human mind that is within the boundaries of minimum common sense and of healthy political and social reason.

One way or another, to talk about the possible existence of a so-called deep state in today’s Romania is as if one were to talk about another Liviu Dragnea, another parliamentary majority and another PSD-ALDE Government that is fighting long and hard to annihilate the current versions.

However, when we are talking about the State, that state which is a supreme, sovereign, legislative, economic, and social power, and which has people inside its borders, things cannot be said or done in jest, as a joke, or based on the momentary fantasy of one political leader or another.

And when we are talking about a possible and potential deep state that is trying to undermine and annihilate the democratic version of the state that functions in reality, we automatically and unreservedly slip toward a dangerous utopia that gives shivers and reminds us of other similar grotesque stories invented by autocratic leaders in some authoritarian regimes, such as Erdogan’s in Turkey or Viktor Orban’s in Hungary.

And things become even more mindboggling and terrifying the moment those who are talking about the irrefutable existence of a deep state – a sinister, destructive evil twin of the democratic rule of law – are none others than politicians. And not just any politicians. But precisely those in power. Those who hold in their hands the reins of the true state.

How, why, and where did the left wing’s leaders get these ideas from is becoming increasingly clearer and easier to understand with each passing day.

To be in power and to lead a country represents a mission of colossal proportions. An issue that can cost you not just ephemeral loss at the polls, but your whole career and destiny as a politician or as political party.

Since it came to power, PSD has gone from one error to the next. And PSD’s errors have permanently had the same name and face. That of Liviu Dragnea. A name and face under which lies an entire human scaffolding on which it relies both within the party but especially within the whole state structure he controls.

Most Romanians were taught to believe that this whole flimsy and poorly-conceived and even more poorly-staged diversion that the left wing’s leader is using to create the impression of the existence of an alleged “black elite” – more or less local and more or less involved in various structures of the state, and which bitterly and evilly opposes the good, noble and democratic measures that PSD has in mind and wants to offer with so much gratitude to all Romanians and to Romania – is caused exclusively by Liviu Dragnea’s great and insurmountable legal problems.

However, through an exercise of minimum logic and careful focus on any other aspect of the current ruling power and of the way in which it understood and understands to behave on a socio-political and economic plane, anyone can realise that PSD and its leader’s true and great problem is entirely different. Namely profound and crass incompetence and inability to manage the Romanian state and everything that stems from it.

It is more than obvious that Liviu Dragnea is an individual with many, very many problems of personal human ethics and infinite problems of political ethics and morality.

And such an individual, in a way that is as logical as it is simplistic, will end up inventing any lever, no matter how grotesque or how dangerous in its grotesque nature, even that of a deep and hostile state or of terrible destructive forces – external to Romania –, whose origin is more or less terrestrial, which bear the exclusive fault for the repeated derailments, for the political and economic aberrations, for the infringement of all democratic principles, for the imaginary outrage of the imaginary Romanians who love and unconditionally support PSD and its leader, etc., etc…

Thus, Liviu Dragnea & Co. have found it interesting and advisable to invent a deep state. An enemy that they are using as a ghost target in the fierce battle they are waging against the judiciary and especially in order to cover up all the misdeeds and grave errors they have made on behalf of and in the reality of the Romanian state.

In fact, history proves that certain world leaders with strong oligarchic and autocratic tendencies and orientations feel the need to invent and stage an inimical and dangerous “deep state” when they feel their power threatened.

Whether it was a monstrous military or civilian deep state, the deep state – enemy of all the dictatorial minds of the world – represented and still represents that fracture in the logic of a compromised and cancelled out political system that is engaged in a life and death struggle to maintain its power.

If it were not for this deep state embodied in an inimical, invisible and hostile group, there should have nevertheless been a scapegoat for all the evil and failure befalling the real state. And this scapegoat could have been – and it was proven to be on countless occasions, unfortunately – the very people brought on the verge of collapse and revolt.

Consequently, if the people revolts, encouraging the existence and actions of a deep state that has become the public enemy number one for PSD and for Mr Dragnea personally, then, by the same logic, the rule of law, the democratic and official state, also known as Liviu Dragnea and PSD, revolts in its own turn, in absolute symmetry.

Thus, on Sunday evening (December 3), the PSD loudly announced – through the voice of one of its most emblematic figures, Codrin Stefanescu – its intention to organise a large-scale public rally against the Deep State.

“It will be a rally against the deep and illegitimate state, against the abuses, against the phone tapping, against the violation of civil rights and freedoms, a rally against those who believe that from the positions that they fill, without being elected, they can violate the Constitution and the country’s rules and make themselves an organised group through which they can decide everything. It is a rally that shows the real majority in Romania, it is a rally the Romanians have asked for.”

The question that naturally springs up from this clash of the state with… the state, is the following: what about Romanians and Romania?!

Winter is here. The country is in chaos. The economy is in a supreme and great running dive. The heavy Leu has become so light that one can barely find it through one’s pockets or bank accounts. ROBOR is showing desperate signs of red alert. And the BNR is fed up with constantly sending mayday messages to the Government and the political power. And, on top of that, in its great anger, Mr Dragnea’s “state” found it appropriate to shout at America – the reliable partner of yesteryear – to mind its business and leave Romania alone because it knows very well what it is doing.

And Romanians, in the meantime…

In conclusion, and in my personal opinion, I believe things have gone much too far and infinitely closer to an imminent disaster that could no longer be stopped unless PSD understands to stop now, in the 11th hour, this whole unbelievable, irrational and dangerous masquerade it has been staging for almost two years and which, apparently, wants to pass off as governance and the management of the Romanian state.

A country is not a Christmas fair you set up to create a fun distraction for the masses and that you can dismantle any time you wish, and move any time and any place because, isn’t it so, Romanians like donuts, grilled forcemeat rolls, brandy, comedians, illusionists, fireworks and stories about deep worlds and deep countries.



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