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March 31, 2023

Vodafone Romania launches Istori@, a new section of Digital Library application dedicated to Romanian history

  • Digital Library, the first mobile application in Romania that transforms classical history lessons into comics, as an alternative method for this school subject


Vodafone Romania launched Istori@, a new section of Digital Library app, which offers all mobile service users a simple and unique way to discover the history, in the form of comics. Digital Library becomes this way the first mobile application in Romania to use this funny alternative method of learning history, while observing the accuracy of the information from a school handbook, in this case the latest edition of the 8th grade history handbook, published by Humanitas Publishing House.

Whether they are still in school or simply passionate about history, application users can make a journey into the past of the Romanian people by downloading Digital Library app, available in Google Play and AppStore and selecting the new Istori@ option right in the app. Those who have a copy of the printed edition of the handbook can scan images from the book to have access to the comics related to each lesson. All photos from the handbook that can be scanned to access the comics are listed in the “Table of Contents” section.

“History does not change, but the way you look at it does. With the new section of this application, we invite Romanians to join us in a journey to the past by using the technology of the future. This is an initiative by which history is approached from a new perspective that benefits from the support of the technology that helps us learn from the past to look more confident towards the future,” states Laura Barbu, Brand and Marketing Communication Director, Vodafone Romania.

The new Istori@ section can also be used by people who do not have the printed history handbook by selecting the corresponding option when accessing the application. As of the 1st of December, Vodafone Romania provides them, right in the app, with a first set of four lessons from the handbook, in the form of comic strips, on topics related to this historic moment celebrated on the National Day. Later on, users are to periodically receive one new lesson at a time, in the same format. Each time a lesson becomes available, users get a notification on the phone.

Digital Library is a project launched in 2012, through which Vodafone Romania facilitated the access to reading by using the technology. Created in collaboration with Humanitas Publishing House, the project was designed to offer people who are passionate about reading the opportunity to download, free of charge, excerpts from their favorite books directly to a mobile phone or tablet, regardless of the mobile network they use. In 2013, the company extended the project by bringing it to over 300 high schools across the country and giving pupils the opportunity to access hundreds of books which cover various topic categories such as fiction, personal development, history and mythology, foreign languages, science, drama, poetry and art.

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