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March 25, 2023

Ciolos: A political party will detach from the Romania 100 Platform

Former PM Dacian Ciolos announced on Sunday that a political party will soon detach from the Romania 100 Platform; he said that the party will be able to present itself at the next elections, “no matter when they will take place”, and that it will collaborate with the parties sharing the same values.

“A political party will detach from the Romania 100 Platform, and there is no doubt about it. We, those who have founded Romania 100 are determined to do this. I would even say that it’s a natural process. (…) Yes, a political party will detach from the Romania 100 Platform, but it needs a solid foundation of principles, of ideas, of values, and it needs a vision and programs, and even projects. I believe we need to show people not only a vision and an ideology, but we also need to show what ideology means, what it signifies, what those values, principles, ethics, morals that can outline the ideology at some point signify” Dacian Ciolos announced at a meeting with the members of the Romania 100 Platform.

He said that the upcoming political party will not act against the parties with which it shares the same values, but it will be open to collaboration.

“There is a risk for this project to lead to the fragmentation of the opposition, which is already divided in pieces, regardless of how strong it is (…) It seems to me somehow that it is a responsibility that I have to assume in order for a political party to detach from this platform, a party which will not act against those with which we share the same values, ideas and principles, with which we have the same DNA, and we will be open to those with which we can work. We wish to work together with those who not only declare, but also prove that they share the same values and principles” Ciolos added.

“We will be ready to present ourselves at the next elections with a political offer, no matter when they will take place” the former PM also said.


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