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February 3, 2023

PNL and USR join civic organisations which protest the amending of judicial laws. Orban: Passivity is a form of complicity

Ludovic Orban and Dan Barna, the presidents of the main Opposition parties, and ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos took part on Sunday in a joint press opportunity alongside the civic organisations that protest the amending of the judicial laws, asking Romanians to peacefully take to the streets and explaining that passivity is a form of complicity with the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition.

The decision taken by PNL, USR and the ‘Romania 100’ Platform led by Dacian Ciolos was to join the civic organisations that have been staging, for almost a year, public protests against the ruling coalition and against the amendments that PSD and ALDE brought to the judicial laws in particular.

“Romania is in a critical point, we are in the 11th hour. (…) For a year, a systematic attack on the fundamental rights and freedoms of Romanians has been carried out in Parliament, a systematic attack on the independence of Romanian institutions, particularly against the independence of the judicial branch, against the independence of the judiciary, has been carried out in Parliament. Gradually, the PSD is capturing the Romanian state, institution by institution, and as soon as it captures these institutions, appointing leaderships that obey party orders, they attack any citizen, any social group, any company trying to express themselves freely, trying to criticise the actions of the ruling power and trying to manifest themselves as is normal in a democracy,” PNL President Ludovic Orban said.

He said the Liberals are by the side of all those who love democracy and who care about the observance of the fundamental right and freedoms of Romanians.

“And I call on all my colleagues, on all our sympathisers, not to be passive, on all Romanian citizens who think about Romania’s well-being. Today, passivity is a form of complicity. We must go out and support our points of view, our convictions, beliefs, we must defend our values, we must take to the streets, to demonstrate peacefully and to show this ruling power that even though it has a conjunctural majority dictated by some deceitful promises, they cannot do what they want, and they must take into account what society’s crushing majority wants,” Orban added.

“A year is concluding since a majority does nothing but dismantle Romania, in an organised fashion, and behaves like a law firm for Liviu Dragnea. (…) A state’s democracy is not about the dictatorship of the majority, but about the observance of rules. (…) These days, the most consistent message should be that of unity of the Opposition. (…) We support the civic movements because we are talking about the state being confiscated by an Organised Crime Group,” USR President Dan Barna stated in his turn during the joint press opportunity.

“I don’t believe this ruling coalition was voted and has the legitimacy to destroy the judiciary, to destroy Romania’s credibility abroad, to create instability in the economic sector. How could one have welfare in a corrupt state, in a state in which those in power interpret the use of this power abusively and in their own interest? How could one have welfare when not only is the judiciary unable to work independently, but you also generate instability in the economic sector? I believe we have enough of a cocktail and melange to blow up Romania, not because Romanians take to the streets to express their sorrow but because of the way in which Romania is being governed,” ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos, President of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform, said in his turn.

Mihai Politeanu, President of the ‘Initiativa Romania’ Organisation, listed the demands of the civic organisations that are protesting in the street: the rejection, en masse, of the amendments to the judicial laws and to the ANI Law, and the immediate resignation of Parliament Speakers Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Likewise, he called on all Romanians to take to the streets and protest peacefully for a democratic future.

“Romania has been taken hostage by a profoundly corrupt, abusive, authoritarian political power determined to trample any democratic rule to seize state powers. (…) To this aggression against democracy, unprecedented since the 1990s, we – the civic organisations – have responded and will respond with peaceful protests. (…) Our signal is very clear: the thieves and them, versus all of u,” Mihai Politeanu added.

Once the joint press opportunity ended, Ludovic Orban, Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos went, alongside the civic organisations, to the protest in Victory Square.

Earlier on Sunday, former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos announced at a meeting of the Romanian 100 Platform community that the structure will give birth to a political party to be presented in the following months, which party will not act against those ‘with the same DNA” and will remain open to anyone sharing the same values at its foundation.

Photo: Agerpres

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