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January 27, 2022

Ex-Prince Nicolae to attend King Mihai’s funeral, is included in funeral’s protocol

Ex-Prince Nicolae will attend, alongside his fiancé, the funeral of his grandfather King Mihai, and has also been included in the funeral’s protocol, according to his lawyer Radu Enache.

Ex-Prince Nicolae sent a letter to the Royal House, asking to be allowed to attend the funeral of King Mihai as a family member. His lawyer stated on Friday, for Digi24, that the ex-prince received an answer from the Royal House and that he is allowed to attend the funeral, also receiving a role within the funeral’s protocol.

“He will attend the funeral. He received an official address from the Royal House, letting him know he has a place within the funeral’s protocol, and he will attend it along with his fiancé, Alina Maria Binder. The liaison between the Royal House and Prince Nicolae will be made via Mr Traian Sirca, a Royal House official,” Radu Enache said.

He pointed out that King Mihai’s grandson will remain in the country and will take part in all the activities included in the protocol.

Nicholae Medforth-Mills is the son of Princess Elena of Romania and Robin Medforth-Mills. He was born on 1 April 1985, in Meyrin, Switzerland. He received the title of prince when he turned 20, however his title and capacity was rescinded via a document signed on 1 August 2015, which immediately came into force, and he was excluded from the line of succession.

A month ago, the ex-prince was involved in a scandal after he tried to forcefully make his way inside King Mihai’s residence in Switzerland. “It was the seventh time I came here and tried, in the last two years. I couldn’t do anything apart from trying. I tried with letters, I tried over the phone, I tried face to face. I came here and I waited four hours at one point. I wanted to see my grandfather. I asked, but everything was a negative answer,” ex-Prince Nicolae stated at the time.

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