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December 4, 2022

IntMin Carmen Dan: Safety, an increasingly serious issue unless due measures are taken

Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan said on Saturday that safety in Romania is beginning to take a serious turn unless due action is taken, such as amending legislation to strengthen police authority and step up the physical and tactical training of police resources.

Carmen Dan mentioned that this year there have been over 200 acts of assault, which is worrisome because it is not only police authority on the line, but also the authority of the state.

“Safety is beginning to be an issue and if we are not firm in taking action, things tend to get worse. I was saying that in 2017 alone there have been over 200 acts of assault and, regrettably, the response from several directions was that these are not so many. In my opinion they are, and this is a reason for concern because we are not talking about the authority of the police, but we talk about state authority. … We must staff police with well-trained people and have legislation in place to support the authority of the policeman. It is paramount that we change legislation to strengthen police authority. I have worked on this law package with ministry experts, trade union representatives and, what’s most important, police officers too contributed to this package,” Carmen Dan said at a show at Realitatea TV.

The Minister of Internal Affairs mentioned that the move to amend police laws is on the final lap and the public debate on the law package will take place on December 11.

Carmen Dan said she wants both trade union representatives and civil society representatives to join in the public debate because of recent concerns expressed by NGOs that police would be given too much power or that they may abuse the law. “Abuse of law must be penalized no matter who commits it and for this we have procedures strengthening police authority which are included in the manual of the policeman. I am convinced that by introducing these procedures into law we bring balance to the citizen’s relation with the policeman, a clear delimitation of law enforcement from abuse,” said the Interior Minister.

She also insisted that police resources need physical training and that tactical training modules under the command of Special Action officers have been introduced in the police agent’s program.

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