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March 8, 2021

PNL files over 350 amendments to state budget and social insurance laws. Orban: We propose that the robbery against local budget should stop

The National Liberal Party (PNL) filed 359 amendments to the draft law on the state budget for 2018, including the removal of the over-excise to fuel, the increase in pensions by 9% and the abolition of the Government’s Emergency Ordinance (GEO) for the split VAT. PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban stated that “the robbery” against the local budget has to stop.

“We support several amendments that meet the expectations of many categories in the Romanian society. We support the return of the excise (to fuel – e.n.) at the level before the increase. It was very clear that for the period in which the excise was increased, the revenues to the state budget didn’t increase, and all the companies have been seriously affected by the return of the over-excise to fuel” Orban stated.

The PNL Chairman also said that Liberals are asking for the change of the Pension Law by almost 9% starting at January 1, 2018, as well as the abolition of the GEO on the split VAT. As for the 1% corporate tax, PNL is asking that the companies should be able to choose between the 1% turnover tax and the 16% tax on profits.

“We cannot accept the trick that the governing party does, trying to get into the pensioners’ pockets and to prevent them from benefiting from the pension increases. We are asking not to apply the provisions of the GEO on the split VAT, and as for the application of the 1% turnover tax, our request is that each company with a turnover up to EUR 1 million should be allowed  to choose between the 1% tax and the 16% tax on profits” Orban also said.

He added that PNL has filed the amendments supporting the projects for highways, such as Sibiu – Pitesti and Tirgu-Mures – Iasi, and accused PSD that it excluded Moldova from “the map of the modern European transport infrastructure”.

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