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May 12, 2021

Permanent Electoral Authority: 18,901,033 citizens with voting rights in Electoral Registry

The total number of citizens with voting rights in the Electoral Registry on December 11 is 18,901,033, down 3,849 from the latest public information made by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) on this topic, on November 13, when 18,904,882 Romanian voters were registered.

The differences arise as a result of the current operations carried out by the mayors in the electoral registry related to the administrative-territorial units headed by them and the import of data from the Passport General Directorate.

According to the AEP, of the total number of the Romanian voters in the electoral registry, 18,267,316 are domiciled or residing in the country, and 633,717 reside abroad and are holders of a CRDS passport.

The electoral registry is structured on counties, municipalities, towns, communes, for Romanian citizens domiciled or residing in the country.

The persons authorized to carry out operations in the Electoral Registry comprising the Romanian citizens domiciled or residing in the country are mayors or persons designated by mayors, by order, under the law.

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