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June 25, 2022

The suspect of the murder at the subway, arrested for 30 days. Investigation started at Interior Ministry after the murder at the subway; the accusations of the father of the first victim at the Costin Georgian station

A terrible case happened on Tuesday night in Bucharest. A 25-year-old girl died hit by a subway at the Dristor 1 station, and the information of the investigators and the images caught by the surveillance cameras indicate that she was pushed.

The woman responsible for the death of a 25-year-old young girl whom she pushed onto the rails at the subway was arrested for 30 days, according to News.ro.

Magdalena Serban is investigated for murder and attempted murder after she tried to push another young girl in front of the subway at Costin Georgian station, and after the young girl aggressed at the Dristor station died, as the prosecutors of the Prosecution Office attached to the Bucharest Court announced.

“The criminal investigation carried out so far indicated that on December 12, 2017, around 15.35, while she was on the platform of the Costin Georgian station, the defendant S.M. pushed a female person to the subway rails, with the obvious intention to throw her in front of the train that was just entering the station. On December 12, 2017, around 19.54, while she was on the platform of the Dristor 1 station, the defendant S.M. pushed a female person to the subway rails, and after the victim fell on the rails, while she was trying to cling to the edge of the platform, she hit her head with the foot. As a result of these actions, the victim was hit by the train that was just entering the station and she died as a result of the lesions suffered” reads a press release of the Prosecution office attached to the Bucharest Court.


Investigators suspect that the woman has psychiatric problems


Judicial sources stated for News.ro that the woman, whose name is Magdalena Serban, being from Craiova, was incoherent throughout the hearings, and she didn’t provide any information to the investigators regarding the committed deeds. The first hypothesis of the investigators is that the woman has psychiatric problems and she was asked if she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, but she denied this.

She said to the investigators that she doesn’t have a home and she slept several times in the Northern Railway Station, and she lately lived with a friend, without being able to indicate his or her address to the investigators. She said that she doesn’t know the address, but she know how to get there.

According to judicial sources, the video images with the first incident spent at Costin Georgian subway station reveal that the woman pushed the victim three times, without succeeding to throw her on the rails. The victim resisted, and se even fought with the aggressor, eventually succeeding in escaping.


The suspect was caught near another subway station


The main suspect – of what seems to be more and more a murder – is a 36-year-old woman who was quickly identified by the police officers. The woman was found in the Unirii area, close to another subway station, and after several hours of hearings, she was detained this morning.

The 25-year-old girl was watched by the woman when she wasn’t careful, since she was using her mobile phone, she was pushed and she fell on the rails when the train was getting out of the tunnel. She succeeded to get up, but the woman pushed her with her foot and she fell, being hit by the train, according to judicial sources quoted by News.ro.

“At this time, prosecutors of the Prosecution Office attached to the Bucharest Court are hearing at the headquarter of the Bucharest Police the person suspected of committing the deeds in the subway stations Costin Georgian and Dristor 1. Previously, during the night, police officers of the Bucharest Public Transport Police Brigade found a 36-year-old woman whose particularities corresponded to those of the wanted person, and they led her to the headquarter of the Bucharest General Police Department. Investigations continue to establish all the circumstances in which the deeds have been committed” IGPR stated.

Police thanks “everybody for their involvement and civic behavior showed in this case”, ensuring that “each message has been analyzed and checked” by the institution’s specialists.

Also on Tuesday night, it seems that the same woman tried to push another girl at the Costin Georgian station, but the girl succeeded to protect herself.

The tragedy happened around 20.00 at the Dristor 1 subway station. The 25-year-old girl was in cardio-respiratory arrest and the SMURD crew couldn’t rescue her. Criminologists immediately arrived at the subway, too.

The terrible scenario of a murder has been quickly appeared. Witnesses relate that a woman pushed the girl without any prior talk or conflict between them.

Witness: “There was a lot of clutter in the station. I understood from some subway workers that it was an attempted murder. It happened right in front of her, she pushed her when the subway just arrived and she couldn’t save herself, she didn’t have time to scream for help”.

The suspect was caught by the surveillance cameras in the station and the images with her were revealed to public by the police.

Shortly after midnight, the woman was found by the police officers.

It is not yet known why the suspect acted like this and several hypotheses are taken into account.


Psychologists’ explanations


Tudorel Butoi, a forensic psychologist: “The police has to make the connection between the victims. They should see if they knew each other, what relationships are between them, and revenge could be an explanation, or something like this. The possibility of being a diseased patient, mentally unbalanced, the choice of the victims randomly, the unpredictability of the behavior can make her a person with a dangerous behavior among us”.

Police advises travelers not to get close to the edge of the platform in the subway station and to permanently be careful to the people around them.


Petition to install “anti-suicide shields” on the subway platforms was initiated online


A petition to install “anti-suicide shields” on the edge of the subway platform was initiated online after the incident spent on Tuesday evening, when a young girl was pushed in front of the subway at the Dristor 1 station and she died. The petition has been already signed by almost 10,700 people.

The signatories request to the Bucharest Municipality and to Metrorex to install transparent “anti-suicide shields” throughout the platform, with doors that open only when the train is in the station, thus blocking people to get to the running area of the subway, and therefore avoiding attempted murders, suicides or accidents.

People suggest that, in case there is not enough money for the shields, sensors should be installed in the stations, cutting off the electricity when movement is detected.

“If shields cannot be installed due to financial reasons, sensors should be installed in the stations to cut off the electricity and to stop the subway in the tunnel when movement is detected on the platform towards the running area of the train” reads the motivation of the petition.

The signatories also request the installation of performant high-resolution surveillance cameras, in order to “more easily identify dangerous people who are attacking travelers’ goods and lives”.


Bucharest’s City Hall: No legal levers to get involved in installing safety shields in metro stations


Bucharest’s City Hall on Thursday said in a press release that it does not have the legal levers to get involved in the installation of safety shields in metro stations, since Metrorex is managed by the Ministry of Transport, but Bucharest’s Mayor Gabriela Firea personally supports this measure.

According to the cited source, Firea will discuss with the minister of transport so that the citizens of Bucharest and not only may benefit from a “safe and modern” public transport.

The clarifications come in the context of launching an online petition signed by 17,000 people, requesting the installation of anti-suicide/metro accidents shields and surveillance cameras in the context of the murder at Dristor 1 metro station.

“Following countless suicide / accident cases in the metro stations of the capital city and the attempted murder and murder at Dristor Station, we want the following: anti-suicide/metro accident shields + high-performance surveillance cameras installed in all stations. If installing the shields is not possible for financial reasons, then installing sensors near the stations to cut electricity and to stop the metro in the tunnel when these detect motion on the direction of the train running,” the petition says.

The City Hall mentions that all requests received in this respect will be directed to the Ministry of Transport, “the only entity that can take measures to increase the safety of the passengers in the metro stations in the Capital”.


Investigation started at Interior Ministry after the murder at the subway; the accusations of the father of the first victim at the Costin Georgian station


Interior Minister Carmen Dan stated on Thursday that an investigation was started as a result of the murder at the subway, and she asked for the chronological presentation of the proceedings. The request of the Interior Minister comes as a result of the statements of the father of the first victim whom Magdalena Serban tried to push on the rails at the Costin Georgian station. The man also said that as soon as he found out what happened to his daughter, he called 112 to complain about Magdalena Serban, but the employees of the single emergency service told him to go to the subway station where the attack took place. Moreover, the father of the first victim stated that he waited for 2 hours to complain about the deed committed by Magdalena Serban, while she killed another young girl.

The father of the first victim related for Antena 3 how the murderer justified her action of pushing his daughter. When she was asked by the witnesses she told them that the young girl actually stole her money.

“A few people asked her: ‘Why did you push her?’ She answered: ‘She stole my money. She took my money to victimize herself.’ Then, a few people asked her: ‘Did you take her money?’ And she answered: ‘See how I look and how she looks!’ She indicated her pocket, saying: ‘She took my money, she took my money’. Then the subway came, people came into the subway, my daughter also came into it since she was afraid, and then she realized what happened and started to cry, she went to the dentist, nobody helped her. The aggressor continued to stay on the platform. We watched the recordings and we saw the aggressor walking very calm on the platform, going to the exit with her phone to her ear. I understood from the Police that there was written in her palm: ‘I did it, but I mistook her’. They found this written in her palm. That’s what they found written when they arrested her. It could be related to our daughter or to the other one” the man stated.

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