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February 27, 2021

AgriMin: In a maximum of one month, we should establish priorities and go to the Parliament with projects, in the perspective of 2019-2020

On Saturday, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea asked the farmers in the mountain areas, at the Romanian Mountain Forum Convention held at Vatra Dornei, to prepare themselves for the year of 2019, when Romania will hold the presidency of the European Council.

“I am asking those who are directly connected to the area’s activity to be prepared in the perspective of 2019. (…) This will be the moment when we will have to bring structures at Dorna. My concept is that when we will have this important mission, we should use it as best as possible, to demonstrate our organizational and decisional skills. Bucharest is able to lead Europe from Bucharest for six months. (…) We must separate problems on the country’s regions. If we must talk about the mountain area, we shouldn’t talk from Bucharest, I would like to talk about it at Dorna” Daea said.

He also said that the objectives for the “post-2020” period must be prepared, together with the order of their execution, and he called on the young human resource.

“Please get into this coupling of design, selection, synthesis, support, with arguments in which ambiguity will not exist. (..) Please bring me young people who can be introduced in the human device that the country must have in this area” Daea said.

The Minister asked for priorities to be set next year, no later than January, and projects to be subsequently prepared to be able to be introduced in the Parliament.

“Please consider that in a maximum of one month we should have priorities set to launch the projects that we have to introduce in the Parliament and the launch of the debate of the great problems that we have to face in the decision for 2019; I will accept any suggestion” the Agriculture Minister stated.

According to him, Romania “has the comfort of understanding”, because in 2017, “it offered the most beautiful answer in EU, through the achievements of the farmers”.

“The framers succeeded, in a very good year in terms of climate, with a few exceptions, by their diligence, by their work, by their effort and the support provided by the Government through subsidies, nine historical records at nine crops, thus Romania being validated as a country that can be careful with the resources, that can be intelligent in their use, that can be careful at the European standards and conduct, since we’ve succeeded to access 99.9% of the EU funds, and the control teams that came in Romania established that we are doing it well and appropriately” Petre Daea stated, underlining that “in this package of results”, with the thinking of the human resources and the value of the institutions we have “we can only progress”.

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