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January 19, 2022

Florica Chereches elected President of the Organisation of Liberal Women

National Liberal Party (PNL) House member Florica Chereches was elected President of the Organisation of Liberal Women (OFL) on Sunday, with 692 votes. Her contender, PNL House member Cristina Traila, won 485 votes.

The voting took place with secret ballots, and 39 votes were cancelled.

After the results were announced, Florica Chereches thanked her colleagues for their confidence.


” I’ll be an example of involvement for all women who want to be active in politics”


Chereches promised the participants at the Conference that she will be an example of involvement for all women who want to be active in Romanian politics.

“I’m a regular woman from Oradea, I’m married, I have four children and a life full of ups and downs. (…) I started my career as an engineer, but then I had to keep reinventing myself,” Florica Chereches stated at the start of her speech.

She pointed out that 17 years ago she set up a micro-financing company that has supported women in opening businesses, encouraging them to have more self-confidence and to dare more.

“I’m fighting for us to develop the vocational schools that Romania needs so much, I’m fighting for us to correlate the educational offer with the demand on the labour market, for all graduates to be able to get jobs and for our children to stay in the country,” Chereches added.

“I promise you I will be an example of involvement for all women who want to be active in Romanian politics. I assure you I will be your leader, not your boss. I will be a leader who believes our strength comes from our unity,” Florica Chereches concluded.


Cristina Traila: If a family consists of a man and a woman, the same should go in politics too


Chereches’s counter candidate at the OFL Chairmanship,  House member Cristina Traila stated on Sunday, at the Conference of Liberal Women, that there must be a partnership between men and women, adding that had more women been members of Parliament, the latter would have looked differently.

“The OFL [Organisation of Liberal Women] cannot be a subsidiary of PNL, and there must be a partnership between women and men, just like there is one in day-to-day life. This partnership must be found in politics too. We start off from a reality, and that is why I said politics changes. Our reality today is that in society we have 53 percent women and 47 percent gentlemen, and this reasoning must be reflected in politics too, at the level of representation. The Family and the Church are two fundamental notions. Let us not forget that we supported the Coalition for Family and, while a man and a woman exist in a family, there should be both men and women in politics too. Today there are 20 percent women in the Parliament of Romania and maybe, had the representation been a real one, Parliament would not have looked like it looks today,” Cristina Traila said in the speech she gave at the Conference of Liberal Women.

Likewise, the MP said that Romania lacks confidence, this being the reason she chose to run for the presidency of the OFL.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about the team, it’s not about the OFL, it’s about all the ladies who today team-up in this organisation. If I am before you today, it’s because of a single reason: confidence. (…) What we lack today in Romanian society is confidence in people,” she said.

Cristina Traila also mentioned the murder and attempted murder at the Bucharest subway, which have shown “a dysfunctional society” in which people’s confidence has disappeared.

“A tragic event occurred the other days, which has shaken Romania – two women and a tragedy. Those two women are the consequence of a dysfunctional society, of a society in which confidence in people has disappeared, in which abuses are commonplace, and domestic violence is commonplace too. We have adopted the resolution that the women’s association of the European People’s Party issued on December 11 this year, against domestic violence, but that’s not enough,” Traila said.


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