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June 25, 2022

Thousands protest in several cities across Romania against Justice laws amendments

Some thousand people protested on Sunday in several cities in Romania against the amendments to the Justice laws, most protesters being in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Brasov.

The protesters faced the cold, the rain and the sleet and chanted slogans against the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) coalition within Government and Parliament.

The protests ended without any incidents.

As many as 2,500 demonstrators were in Bucharest. “Let us all take to the streets on Sunday to sound the alarm! Our silence is their power, so let’s make some noise! We fight all the way”, the organisers wrote on their social media page.

Over 1,200 people protested in Brasov, in Cluj-Napoca over 6,000 people took to the streets, in Galati there were around 70 demonstrators, in Craiova over 100 people, in Iasi almost 1,000, Targu-Mures – almost 150, in Sibiu almost 2,500 and in Timisoara approximately 500 protesters.

The crowd chanted: “No more thieves leading us”, “PSD, brood of crooks, liars and mobsters”, “PSD, the red plague”, “Thieves” “Resignation”, “WE are Not a nation of thieves”, “We want fair laws, not laws for mobsters and the corrupt”, “Bucharest don’t forget, Cluj is on your side”, “Lookout, we are out of our houses”, “Jail for thieves, jail for them”, “We want justice not corruption”, “Down with communism”, “United we save Romania”, “Parliament of thieves and mafioso”, We refuse, refuse, refuse this abuse”, “Join us, we chant for you too”, “Don’t stay warm at home, they steal away from you too”, “Come out if you care”, “DNA may take you” [DNA – the National Anti-corruption Directorate – ed.n.], “Criminal Parliament, in court with you!”, “Craiova, wake up!”, “Snap elections!”, “The only solution, another revolution!”, “Such waste of the spilled blood!”, “Yesterday for the King, today for the law”, “Your laws, disasters!”, “To be robbed, we are sick of it”, “Romania, wake up”, “We resist, we don’t leave”, “Out with you, fat-headed caste!”, “We don’t want laws made by criminals”, “We can’t take iy no more, we want snap elections!”, “Bucharest don’t forget, Mures is on your side!”, “DNA, we stand by you!”, “What does Santa bring you, new stripes from under the tree”, Timisoara wake up!”, “Dragnea don’t forget, we are waiting for your book too!” [most corrupt politicians in jail published books to have their sentences reduced – ed.n] , “In a democracy thieves belong in jail”, “Be afraid, the country is rising!”.

Protesters maintained that if the package of laws will be adopted in the form passed by Iordache’s committee, it will be “the start of the thieves’ dictatorship in Romania.”

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