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Timisoara commemorates 28 years since the Romanian Revolution. Wreaths and religious services in the memory of those who died for freedom in 1989

The revolutionaries’ associations in Timisoara, together with the municipality of the city located on the shore of the Bega River prepared special events in these days, in order to commemorate 28 years since the Revolution and to honor the memory of those who died for freedom.

The Revolution of December 1989 started in Timisoara in the evening of December 15, 1989, around the Reformed Church in the Sfanta Maria Square. At first, 100 people were gathered in front of the worship center, but next day, on December 16, the Sfanta Maria Square was completely blocked by the crowd. For the first time, people shouted “Libertate” (“Freedom” e.n.) and “Jos Ceausescu” (“No more Ceausescu” – e.n.), and these messages made dozens of thousands of people to go out in the street in the following days, in all the cities of the country.

The first bullets were shot on December 17, and the first victims fell on the altar of liberty. Young people, children, workers, all of them were killed by the bullets that didn’t forgive anybody on that bloody day. The Securitate, the Militia, the army, took TABs and tanks into the streets to intimidate the protesters who were shouting anti-Ceausescu slogans. Hundreds of people were injured at Timisoara in those days, and more than 60 people died.

28 years after the bloody events, the heroes are honored by laying wreaths, by religious services and candles lit on the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The series of the events that honor those who died started on Saturday, when the Timisoara City Hall (photo) hosted the festive meeting for commemorating heroes.

Then, the visual arts exhibition entitled “Revolutie-Libertate” (“Revolution-Freedom” – e.n.) and the awarding of the participants in the history contest called “The Romanian Revolution of December 1989 in the view of the students in Timisoara” have been opened at the Romanian Opera.

In the evening, Marsul Libertatii (the March of Freedom – e.n.) was scheduled to take place on the route the Opera – the Cathedral – the Opera, in the Victoriei Square, a tribute to those who died. The candles were lit in the same evening in the memory of the victims of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 on the platform in front of the Opera. The candles have been placed as a cross and one candle was lit for each hero who died during the events of December 1989.


A Liturgy was held at the Church of the Martyrs in memory of the martyr heroes



The Sunday events dedicated to the Revolution started in the morning, when a memorial service was held at the Metropolitan Cathedral for the martyr heroes, in whose memory wreaths have been laid. A Liturgy was also held at the Church of the Martyrs, where the heroes who died 28 years ago were mentioned.

Later, the requiem of the martyr heroes took place at the Heroes’ Cemetery, and wreaths have been laid at the Monument of the Revolution which is placed in the cemetery.

In the evening, a moment of silence was scheduled to be held at the Metropolitan Cathedral, during which candles with the face of the martyr heroes will be lit and placed on the steps of the Cathedral.

Also in the evening, several members of the Revolution Memorial scheduled their departure to Popesti-Leordeni, where the ashes of some heroes of Timisoara, who died during the events of December 1989, was thrown, and they will lay wreaths.

On December 20, at 12.00, the antiaircraft sirens will sound for three minutes, as is the case every year since the Revolution, to celebrate the moment when Timisoara became the first city free of communism in Romania, on December 20, 1989.

Also for December 20, starting at 20.00, the Timisoara Municipality has prepared a rock concert called “Rock pentru Revolutie”, dedicated to the martyr heroes. The concert will be attended by the music bands Phoenix, Pro Musica and Vest Phoenix Cover.

On December 21, book launches and festive meetings of the revolutionaries will take place, and on December 22, between 12.00 and 14.00, wreaths will be laid by the National Foundation of the Revolution of December 1989 and b the “Victoria” Association, at the Church of the Martyrs, the Heroes’ Cemetery and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The program dedicated to the Romanian Revolution in Timisoara of December 1989 will end with a commemorative show at the “Banatul” Philharmonic.


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