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December 9, 2021

ANI Law, amended by Senate, interdictions enforced on parliamentarians lifted

The Senate’s plenary sitting, the decision-making Chamber in this particular case, adopted Monday with 77 votes “in favour” and 39 “against” the legislative proposal for the amendment of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) Law, lifting certain interdictions for parliamentarians.

One paragraph rephrased states that “the interdictions enforced on people who had the position of senator and/or deputy in any of the mandates of 2007 through 2013, on the basis of par 25, based on the assessment reports carried out by the National Integrity Agency and which established the non-observance of legal provisions related to the conflict of interest in fulfilling any of the mandates of senator and/or deputy from 2007 to 2013, until the entry into force of Law 219/2013 for the amendment and completion of Law 96/2006 regarding the deputies’ and senators’ status, rightfully ceases.”

The Senate’s judiciary committee eliminated the amendment adopted by the Chamber of Deputies according to which ” a person released or dismissed from office according to current provisions or with regard to whom the existence of a conflict of interest or a state of incompatibility was found is deprived of the right to exercise a public position or dignity that make the object of the current law’s provisions, except for the electoral ones, over a three-year interval from the date of its release, the dismissal from the respective office or the lawful termination of the mandate in which the conflict of interest or the incompatibility state existed. If the person holds an eligible position, he/she can no longer hold the same position over a three-year period from the termination of office in which the conflict of interest or the incompatibility state existed.

National Liberal Party (PNL) senator Daniel Fenechiu announced in the plenary sitting the Liberals’ vote against, highlighting that “this law does not do anything but offend the regular Romanian.”

Party People Movement (PMP) Gabi Ionascu explained that the negative vote of his party colleagues, pointing out that “nobody is above the law.”

Save Romania Union (USR) senator Vlad Alexandrescu mentioned that the ruling power’s parliamentarians are in a hurry “to wipe, with the criminal’s reflex, the traces at the murder scene.”

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