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February 28, 2021

Politicians about the topic of the monrachy. PSD’s Badalau voices hypothesis of triggering a referendum : The people can be asked. Tudose: I’m a republican. Senate speaker Tariceanu: Constitutional monarchy topic deserves a wider debate at society level

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Executive Chairman Niculae Badalau voiced on Monday the hypothesis of triggering a referendum on the topic of the monarchy, deeming that the Romanian people can be asked if they want a republic or a monarchy, and pointing out that PSD does not rule out such a referendum soon.

Asked for his comment on whether the bill concerning the Royal Family should be discussed in Parliament under an urgent procedure, Badalau pointed out: “It should, especially since I’ve seen that in the media there are already a lot of sympathisers, maybe also a referendum on this system Presidency – monarchy, anything is possible.”

Asked whether a ‘monarchy versus republic’ referendum could take place, Badalau said he is a republican, since he was born in a republic and found out about the Romanian monarchy from books.

“But I believe the people can be asked about this. It’s not bad, considering that the countries that have monarchies are developed countries,” Badalau added.

He said that this referendum is “a future project that should be discussed by politicians alongside the president and very many factors,” not being “a project to discuss in the street.”

Asked whether this referendum could take place next year, Badalau answered: “Of course, anything is possible. Since we will hold a referendum on the traditional family, we could also ask the people this question.”

He pointed out that the PSD does not rule out such a referendum taking place.

“I said that we, as a party, are not ruling it out, at least I don’t. I’ve talked with very many colleagues, it’s normal to ask the people. I haven’t discussed this with the party president,” Badalau added.


Tudose: I’m a republican


Premier Mihai Tudose stated on Monday, at the Palace of Parliament, that he is a republican. The statement came after PSD Executive President Niculae Badalau voiced the hypothesis of triggering a referendum on the monarchy.

“What’s my position in what concerns the monarchy? I’m a republican,” Premier Mihai Tudose answered when asked about the possibility of holding a referendum on the monarchy.


Senate speaker Tariceanu: Constitutional monarchy topic deserves a wider debate at society level


President of the Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated on Monday that the topic of changing the form of government with the constitutional monarchy deserves a much wider debate at the society level.

“The organisation of a referendum firstly involves a debate and I believe that, especially on this topic, there is a need not only for a debate, but also [a need] to weigh very well the arguments in favour of organising a referendum. I am convinced that over the recent period the sympathy for the Royal House – and I noticed this thing ever since 2011, when King Mihai came to Parliament – has increased a lot and Romanians’ confidence in the form of government called constitutional monarchy. This is why, I believe that such a topic deserves a wider debate at society level, but we have to gather those forces that are in favour and convince as many citizens as possible regarding the utility of changing the form of government. In case the subject becomes one of interest, we can start these discussions next year,” the Senate President said within a press statement.

He added that his monarchical opinions are already known. According to Tariceanu, the Romanian constitutional system is a “hybrid” one, which has the germs of conflict seeded in it.

In his view, the constitutional monarchy has the advantage of placing the monarch “above and outside” the political game and political parties.

In respect to the draft law regarding the regulation of the judicial statute of the Royal House of Romania, Tariceanu, who is one of the initiators, stated that many comments surfaced in the public space, which were made “without knowing at all” the draft content.

“Through this draft law we want to give a statute of a public utility institution, that will be recognised and be able to carry out a dialogue with other public institutions of Romania, and, there is a provision, according to which, as a public utility institution, it will have a minimum personnel scheme in order to help operate the institution and, which, certainly, is to be funded from the budget, under a government decision, but which involves some amounts which are, in my opinion, insignificant. This is the entire material and financial side of the draft law. I regret that there have been many pieces of news, fake ones, that overshadowed the bill, which doesn’t do anything else, but reveal that Romania knows its values, symbols, knows to cherish its past and the royalty’s contribution to Romania’s development,” the Senate President explained.

He estimated that the bill will be put up for debate in the next parliamentary session.

“I think that there should be, at least from the PNL side [the National Liberal Party] some support for this draft law. Although, I have seen the PNL Chairman making improper comments in respect to the bill we are talking about,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu added.


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