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August 2, 2021

PNL’s Orban to PM Tudose: Use your position to stop the atrocities proposed in order to change the Laws on Justice and the criminal laws

The Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, sent an open letter to PM Mihai Tudose on Tuesday, asking him to use his position of the head of the Government to stop the changes of the Laws on Justice and of the Criminal Codes, which he deems to be “atrocities” and a slippage from democracy.

“No matter how much you want to create the feeling that you are parallel to the decisions in the Parliament on amending the Laws on Justice and the criminal laws, you can’t fool anybody who has the least intelligence. You lead the Government exactly with the support of this PSD-ALDE parliamentary majority which is servile to Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu. At the same time, in the current political context, by the position you hold you are the guarantor of this parliamentary majority. Nothing from what PSD-ALDE afford to do in Parliament could be done without your tacit consent. If you think you are playing a “good cop – bad cop” sketch only for show, I assure you that this is the most odious and tacky play ever performed in Romania” is Orban’s message sent to Tudose through the open letter.

The PNL leader also told to the head of the Government that it’s not possible not to have received explicit warnings, as a Prime-Minister, from the Western embassies about what is happening in Romania today, much clearer and much more firm than the public opinions expressed.

“I challenge you to take a stand against this slippage from democracy at this moment! You must actually convince the PSD-ALDE parliamentarians who support you not to vote these laws which give a heavy blow to the foundation of democracy, which overthrow the concept of rightness in the society, suppress the independence of Justice, affect the fundamental rights and freedoms. Otherwise, if the laws will be adopted and if they flagrantly contradict the public positions expressed by you, you will have only one thing to do: resign as a Prime-Minister” Orban also wrote.

He also told the PM that things have reached a critical point where the obtuseness of the current PSD-ALDE majority involves risks of increased social instability, and the continuation of these parliamentary steps “in this abusive way” is only radicalizing the protests in the society.

“I invite you to answer to this question: What are you going to say to a close person when it will be the victim of a crime that cannot be proved? You will tell him or her that Dragnea and Tariceanu had to be escaped and ‘this is it’? Don’t deprive Romanian people of the right to Justice, because it is the guarantee of the social stability of a democracy. Do not affect the rights and freedoms of most of the people in order to offer privileges to a group of potentates. Don’t lead people to despair, making them to make justice by themselves” the PNL leader also warned Mihai Tudose.

“Don’t stay cross-legged towards the slay of the Laws on Justice and of the criminal laws, don’t act like a puppet dragged by the toxic group Dragnea-Tariceanu, don’t accept the position of a servant who calmly chews the bone that he received, while these atrocities happen in front of you. Romanians will not forget and forgive such a behavior” Ludovic Orban concluded.

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