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February 9, 2023

CURS: 47% of the Romanians believe EU is heading the right direction; negative perception of MEPs activity

Almost half of the Romanians believe that the European Union is heading the right direction, as they place much or very much trust in this institution, while even more of them perceive the activity of the MEPs in negative terms, shows a poll of the Centre for Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS).

As many as 47% of the respondents said the EU is heading the right direction, in their opinion, claims the poll’s results sent to AGERPRES on Thursday.

Moreover, 35% of the respondents believe that the European Parliament is the most important decision-making factor at EU level, although they know less about the names and structure of parliamentary groups.

“Notoriety and political orientation of political groups in the European Parliament are matters less known to the interviewed. PPE, S&D and ALDE are the most known political groups from the European Parliament, while the association of the political orientation for each group is mostly done depending on the respondent’s own political orientation,” reads a release of CURS referring to the results of the poll.

According to the research, the subjects to the poll do not perceive the MEPs in positive terms. Many of them (38%) believe that the MEPs are neglectful in respect to their duties or that they have a clerk’s attitude (43%).

“Moreover, 45% of the respondents said that in their opinion the activity of the Romanian MEPs is even less efficient than that of other MEPs,” shows the poll.

The respondents wish that the MEPs would support more their countries’ interests, 8 out of 10 such respondents saying that the MEPs’ ideas should have more to do with the national interest of their country of origin. According to the poll, this dominant opinion is somehow influenced by the perception according to which the MEPs support more the interests of the political groups to which they are affiliated, as 2 out of 3 of such respondents stated.

Such results can also be explained by the lack of information with respect to the activity of the MEPs and the European Parliament that the respondents also accept is true. Thus, 7 out of 10 respondents believe that the mass media in Romania tells very little about the activity of the MEPs compared with the importance of the issues discussed in the European Parliament.

The Centre for Urban and Regional Sociology conducted an opinion poll over December 12-15 into the perception of the public opinion in respect to the activity of the MEPs.

The opinion poll was conducted on a representative sample of 543 respondents, adults residing in Romania, aged over 18. The data were collected by using the CATI method (interviewing by phone). The maximum admitted error margin is +/-4% for a trust level of 95%.

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