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April 17, 2021

President Iohannis: Romanians’ chant ‘Down with communism!’ in 1989, is heard again today. The head of state lays wreath in Universitatii Square at Monument dedicated to December 1989 Revolution’s victims

President Klaus Iohannis sent on Thursday a message, 28 years after the Revolution, showing that in 1989 Romanians demanded “Down with communism!” and this chant can be heard at present, a sign for politicians who these days “will not part with the past’s mores.”

“In 1989 Romanians took to the streets demanding ‘Down with communism!’ Today this outcry can be heard again. It is the committed signal given to those politicians who, these days, will not part with the past’s mores. The defence of the Romanian Revolution’s ideals means defending the institutions of the rule of law, the defence of the freedom and democratic values as well as the respect for the citizen,” Iohannis wrote on Facebook.

He underscores that the investigations in “The Revolution” case must be completed, and the crimes and abuses committed in December 1989 must be punished.

“At 28 years since the Romanian Revolution, my thought goes to Romanians who challenged dictatorship in the street and who fought for freedom and democracy. They are the heroes who made possible, through their sacrifice and courage, the liberating miracle that will forever remain in history books. We have waited for too long for the truth to come out. The investigations in ‘The Revolution’ case must be completed and the crimes and abuses of December 1989 punished for victims to finally have justice served,” the head of state affirms.


Klaus Iohannis lays wreath in Universitatii Square at Monument dedicated to December 1989 Revolution’s victims


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday has laid a wreath to the monument dedicated to the victims of December 1989 Revolution in the Universitatii Square (communism-free kilometre 0, ed. n.) on the occasion of a commemorating ceremony to the victims of those unforgettable, troubled days.

The president was welcomed with military honours and by the Chief of the General Staff, General Nicolae Ciuca.

Upon his arrival in the square, the people present applauded the president, several shouting to him “Bravo!”. The president shook hand with some of them.

A religious service was delivered afterwards, while Klaus Iohannis laid a wreath at the Revolution’s Monument.

Were also laid wreaths on behalf of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the Government, the National Defence Ministry and the associations and foundations of the 1989 revolutionaries.

At the end of the ceremony, the over 100 people in the audience shouted: “Honour him, honour the President”, “Red plague”, “Down with communists!


PM Tudose voices deep respect for Romanians who sacrified themselves for liberty in Dec 1989


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on Thursday sent a message on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Romanian Anti-communist Revolution of 1989, voicing his deep respect for the Romanians who paid with their own life in December 1989 for the country’s liberty and democracy.

“My homage and deep respect for the Romanians who paid with their own lives in December 1989 for liberty and democracy. Their courage and faith are values that make us responsible and inspire us,” Tudose wrote on his Facebook page.

According to the head of the Executive, we have the duty to honor their memory “by respecting and promoting the principles for which they fought.”

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