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March 5, 2021

Number of ski accidents during winter holidays grew 30pct compared to 2016

The number of accidents occurring on ski slopes in the period of the winter holidays has gone up by 30 pct as compared to the same period of 2016, the main causes being improper preparation of skis and the use of improvised equipment, Sabin Cornoiu, chairman of the National Association of Mountain Rescuers in Romania told  Agerpres.

“It’s a 30 pct increase of accidents produced on ski slopes throughout the country. There was high attendance both in Prahova Valley and in Ranca, Straja or the north of the country, where the snow pack is big. The slopes had a high degree of attendance. The main causes of accidents taking place on slopes are not tying down ski bindings on skis rented from rental centers and second-hand skis. Furthermore, the use of improvised gliding equipment, like plastic bags or plastic bin lids, are other causes. Pelvic fractures, spine fractures or femur fractures were among the most grave accidents, which happened on about all the slopes in the country. There were a few days when we had 100 interventions a day, a lot. We like to note that skiing or practicing snowboarding have become very attractive and the number of practitioners is growing from one year to another,” stated the chairman of the National Association of Mountain Rescuers in Romania.

The quoted source recommends those who are beginners in the sport appeal to authorized persons to offer them the first guidance in the sport, and also recommends those using improvisations to seriously consider the consequences, some of the injuries possible being very grave.

“A hectic start of the year for mountain rescue operators throughout the country, 60 distress calls being received in the past 24 hours. Thus, in the National Mountain Rescue Service Dispatch 45 distress calls were received: 8 calls for Salvamont Predeal, 11 calls for Salvamont Straja, 1 call for Salvamont Hunedoara – Uricani, 5 calls for Salvamont Brasov, 3 calls for Salvamont Salvaspeo Gorj, 4 calls for Salvamont Busteni, 1 call for Salvamont Harghita, 1 call for Salvamont Sibiu, 3 calls for Salvamont Cavnic, 1 call for Salvamont Arges, 4 calls for Salvamont Azuga, 2 calls for Salvamont Borsa, 1 call for Salvamont Salvaspeo Bihor and 1 call for Salvamont Valcea, the rest of the emergencies being told directly to Salvamont teams,” a statistic published on Tuesday on Facebook by the National Mountain Rescue Dispatch shows.

According to the quoted source, two other calls were received for Bacau County and one for Suceava County.

Furthermore, 40 calls for information in the mountain regions were also received, the Mountain Rescue Service said.

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