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April 18, 2021

Office manager of Minister for the Relation with Parliament Felicia Pop sent to court

Felicia Pop, the office manager of Minister for the Relation with Parliament Viorel Ilie, was sent to court, without being detained, together with another employee of the same ministry, namely Mihai Cornel Zaharia, for the direct or indirect use of information that is not intended for public disclosure, or for allowing unauthorized access to such information, in the case regarding the organisation of a contest to hire civil servants on contractual positions for indefinite time.

With regards to the contest, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) mentions that evidence and data show that the contest had been fixed so that some candidates preferred by the ministry’s management (one very close to Minister Ilie Viorel) may get the functions to the detriment of others, making the criterion of competence totally irrelevant.

“The written examination was set out for 31 July 2017. In this context, between 20 – 31 July 2017, defendant Pop Felicia-Elena, the office manager of the Minister for the Relation with Parliament, at the dignitary’s request, asked members on the contest committee, namely defendants Alexandrescu Maria and Zaharia Mihai-Cornel, for the items and correction scales of the written examination of July 31,” a DNA release informs.

According to the quoted source, on 28 July 2017, defendants Maria Alexandrescu and Mihai-Cornel Zaharia put at Pop’s disposal the competition subjects and their solutions, knowing that the respective information is not intended for public disclosure and it is to be provided to certain candidates who were to participate in the contest.

“The same day, office manager Felicia-Elena Pop provided the preferred candidates with the examination items and their solution. Apart from the fact that they had access to the competition subjects and solutions, being unfairly favoured against the other candidates, it was obvious that they had, according to their agreement, filled in the examination papers prior to the examination, so that on the day of the examination the papers that should have been filled in the exam room may be replaced by those already filled in at home by the favoured candidates,” DNA prosecutors mention.

Moreover, according to the ministry organisational chart, not all the unfairly favoured candidates would have fulfilled the seniority requirements to hold the offices in question. In this regard, prior to the contest, Minister Viorel Ilie ordered a change in the requirements of the functions so that they may be hired, says DNA prosecutors.

The case was submitted to the Bucharest Court.

In the same case, the Bucharest Court was notified, regarding the guilty plea of defendant Maria Alexandrescu, who was an employee of the Ministry for the Relation with Parliament (MRP), a member of the contest committee, agreement that was concluded at her initiative.

Prosecutors requested the approval to start the criminal investigation of Senator and Minister for the Relation with Parliament Viorel Ilie, for instigation to the use, in any way, directly or indirectly, of information that is not intended for public disclosure, or for allowing unauthorised access to such information.

The Senate decided not to start the criminal prosecution of senator Viorel Ilie, under a decision adopted on 3 October 2017.

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