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February 27, 2021

Police: Over 4,000 fines handed down and almost 550 felonies observed in last 24 hours

Police officers have handed down over 4,000 fines and almost felonies 550 have been observed in the last 24 hours, and 3,000 incidents were tended to in this interval, a press release of the Romanian Police General Inspectorate (IGPR) informed AGERPRES on Wednesday.

For the citizens’ safety, over 8,000 police officers have intervened within an integrated system, nationally, in the last 24 hours, alongside structures with the Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI). Over 4,000 patrols were set up and traffic officers conducted activities using 269 radar devices so as to prevent traffic accidents, reads the release.

“During this interval, police officers tended to 2,595 incidents in this interval, of which 2,147 were notified through emergency number 112. Following the activities, 541 felonies were observed, and 78 suspects were caught red-handed. Preventive measures were disposed for 19 persons and one person on APB was traced down,” the quoted source mentions.

In addition, for the misdeeds noted, policemen handed down 4,095 fines, worth approximately 1,368,000 Romanian lei, and seized goods worth almost 8,000 lei.

In the last 24 hours, following activities meant to save lives and prevent traffic accidents, 288 licenses were suspended and 77 car registrations were withdrew, IGPR informs.

On Tuesday, the  Romanian Police General Inspectorate informed that Policemen have handed down, on the first day of 2018, over 2,200 fines worth approximately 750,000 Romanian lei (RON),

According to the quoted source, over 8,000 have acted, nationally, to prevent antisocial acts and to maintain public order and safety, 188 actions being organized. 3,846 incidents were tended to, of which 3,387 were notified through emergency number 112.

Following the activities, 735 felonies were observed, and 82 persons were caught red-handed.

Furthermore, three persons under national or international APBs were discovered, and the cases managed also saw the imposing of 16 liens.

In addition, for the misdeeds noted, policemen handed down 2,225 fines, worth approximately 750,000 lei, and seized goods worth over 11,000 lei.

The quoted source also mentions that traffic officers also conducted activities to prevent traffic accidents, observing during said activities 101 crimes against traffic norms. They also suspended 169 licenses and withdrew 16 car registrations, the quoted source mentions.

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