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October 25, 2021

CSM has new leadership: Judge Simona Camelia Marcu elected president, Prosecutor Codrut Olaru – is the new Vice-President

Judge Simona Camelia Marcu on Friday was elected President of the Superior Council of Magistrates with 11 votes cast in her favour and 8 against, while prosecutor Codrut Olaru was elected Vice-President with 10 votes in favour and 9 against.

“Having consideration for the candidacy filed by Mrs. Judge Simona Marcu for CSM president, and following the deliberation and vote count, the result is: 11 votes in favor and 8 against,” holder of the CSM presidency in 2017 Mariana Ghena announced.

Judge Simona Camelia Marcu sits on CSM on behalf of the High Court of Cassation and Justice and ran alone for the CSM top office.

The new President of the CSM was born June 12, 1966 in Bucharest.

She earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Bucharest University (1984 – 1988), informs the www.juridice.ro website. She attended European Community law courses at the Academy of European Law – Florence (July 1993); courses of private international law at the Hague Academy of International Law – the Hague (July 1994); human rights courses at the Romanian Human Rights Institute of Bucharest (1994 – 1995); human rights courses at Institut International des Droîts de l’Homme – Strasbourg (July 1995, July 1996); community law courses at the Netherlands National Institute of Magistracy – Zuptfen (October 2001).

In May 2006 Marcu was promoted judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice – Administrative and Tax Matters Department; member of the Collegiate Management of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (as of 2014). Elected member of the Superior Council of the Magistrates on behalf of the High Court of Cassation and Justice at the end of 2016.

Associate Professor at the civil law department of the International Human Science Faculty of the Bucharest University and at other private faculties: Titu Maiorescu, Nicolae Titulescu; trainer at the National Institute of Magistracy; a community law trainer at the same institute under the MATRA program (as of 2002).

She coauthored several books published in the case law collection of the ALL Beck Publishing House.


Prosecutor Codrut Olaru – new Vice-President of CSM


“After deliberating and counting the votes regarding the candidacy submitted by Mr Prosecutor Codrut Olaru, the result is: 10 votes in favour, 9 votes against. Therefore, Mr Prosecutor Olaru is the Vice-President for 2018. Congratulations,” Mariana Ghena, the former President of CSM in 2017 announced.

Prosecutor Codrut Olaru is a member of the CSM representing the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice and he was the only candidate running for the Vice-President office. Codrut Olaru also held the prosecutor-in-chief office of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) and the deputy prosecutor general office with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ).


New CSM head: My message is of unity for my colleagues and openness towards the other state powers


The newly elected head of the Superior Council of Magistracy, Simona Marcu, on Friday sent a message of unity to the magistrates and another one of openness towards the other state powers.

“I would like first of all to send a message of unity to my colleagues, judges and prosecutors, from the system. If you paid attention to the discussions during the plenary sitting today you probably noticed that this word has been pronounced many times and both I and Mr Vice-President Olaru intend to keep our word,” said judge Marcu, after the sitting where the new leadership of the Council has been elected.

Moreover, she underscored her willingness to have an honest and open dialogue with the other state powers.

“On the other hand I would also like to send a message of openness towards the other state powers, of willingness to carry an honest and open dialogue with them and also with the society, while being fully aware of the fact that Justice is a public service for the citizen. The citizen is the beneficiary of the act of justice and this must further be in the mind of the leadership of the CSM,” said the new head of CSM.


CSM’s Olaru: It serves Justice Minister directly if prosecutors’ independence won’t be just a figure of speech


Newly elected Vice-President of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Codrut Olaru stated on Friday that it will also serve Justice Minister’s direct interests if prosecutors’ independence doesn’t become “just a figure of speech” and remains a certainty instead.

Within the CSM sitting, Codrut Olaru was asked to what extend the authority of the Justice Minister can interfere with the activity of prosecutors.

“I believe that, currently, there are sufficient leverages through which the Justice Minister can request to the prosecutor general, specialist structures, briefings regarding the stage of certain punctual matters, [the minister] can promote and develop the disciplinary action in relation to the magistrate-prosecutor, he can request controls on the content or on a certain thematic. Regardless of the person leading this ministry, I believe that it is in the Justice Minister’s direct interest that the independence do not become insubstantial at the Public Ministry level, but a certainty. I am absolutely convinced that currently, but also in the future, we cannot have a direct interference over the prosecutors’ activity. (…) Currently, according to the legal framework in force, it definitely is out of the question to undermine, not even tangential, the criminal prosecution activity. Besides those briefings that the Justice Minister can request, I don’t think that there are other ways in which the Public Ministry can and is influenced in terms of criminal prosecution,” Olaru stated.

In respect to the amendments recently brought to the Justice Laws, Codrut Olaru mentioned that he endorses the position of the Public Ministry regarding the unconstitutionality of some provisions, adding that “prosecutors need total, constitutional and legal guarantees in order to defend independence.”


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