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May 11, 2021

Serial burglaries in Pipera. Hagi and the Ambassador of Pakistan, among thieves’ victims .PNL’s Raetchi : Mr. Dragnea, Mrs. Dan, let’s help gendarmes do well the things they have been trained for

Serial burglaries took place during the winter holidays at the villas of some important persons living in Pipera, including the house of the soccer player Gheorghe Hagi and of the Ambassador of Pakistan in Romania.

Police announced that no damage has been established so far, but there is a circle of suspects.

“To the best of our knowledge, the two buildings were guarded, and a circle of suspects has been already established as a result of the investigation conducted by the police officers. No damage has been accurately established so far, given that the owners are not present and that in order to accurately establish the damage we need a fair valuation of the missing goods. The thefts have been noticed by the owners’ employees, and the investigations are currently continued in order to document the whole criminal activity in terms of committing the crime of aggravated theft” stated the Spokesman of the Ilfov Police, Ciprian Romanescu, for Digi24.

Gendarmerie, which ensures the guardianship of the ambassadors’ residences, can only check the entrances in the buildings, and the residence of the Pakistani Ambassador had no surveillance systems connected to the guardian’s lodge.

Regarding the event occurred at the Pakistani Ambassador’s residence, the Bucharest Gendarmerie mentions that, based on the concluded protocols, the guard is provided with a permanent post, insured with a gendarme.

“The objective is located in a villa complex and adjoins private properties, villas with 1 or 2 floors. The gendarme has no visibility and can intervene only at the main entry to the objective, and the residence has no surveillance cameras connected to the gendarme’s lodge or to another alarm system which draws attention on anything happening indoor” states the Gendarmerie, which also mentions that the intrusion inside the objective didn’t took place in the area guarded by the gendarme.

It seems that the thieves entered the house after they jumped the fence through other households. Being contacted by the Digi24 reporters, the representatives of the security company didn’t comment on this event. Although the crimes were committed at the end of the last year, the authorities were announced only now. On Friday, the Ambassador’s secretary alerted the Ilfov police officers that she found the house robbed by thieves.

However, neighbors say that such events occur many times during the holidays. For this reason, they install surveillance cameras and security systems.

Last year, 50 houses were robbed in less than two months in the Ilfov County.

Those who live in the same villa neighborhood say that thieves were advised how to work, since they knew how to avoid the surveillance cameras.

A local: “They knew very well what they are doing, so they were informed. It’s true that there are many carolers during the holidays, and the guardians probably let them enter, and you never know if they are real carolers or something else.”

The same scenario was followed step by step at the house of the famous soccer player Gheorghe Hagi. The theft was reported a few days ago by an employee.

Hagi left the country before Christmas, in Florence, o negotiate a contract with the Italians at Fiorentina, where his son Ianis is playing.

Sources close to the investigation claim that several watches and jewels have been stolen from Ghoerghe Hagi’s home, but their value is still unknown. The same sources say that several precious plates and candles have been stolen from the Ambassador’s residence, too.


PNL’s Raetchi : Mr. Dragnea, Mrs. Dan, let’s help gendarmes do well the things they have been trained for


The Liberal MP Ovidiu Raetchi, the Vice Chairman of the Committee for Defense, Public Order and national Security, claims that the burglary occurred at the Pakistani Ambassador’s residence, a high-risk objective guarded by the gendarmes, should indicate to the Interior Minister Carmen Dan that Gendarmerie has to improve its duties, instead of receiving “bizarre” tasks. “Mr. Dragnea, Mrs. Dan, let’s help gendarmes do well the things they have been trained for”, Raetchi wrote on Facebook.

“The fact that the Pakistani Ambassador’s residence – a high-risk objective – was robbed without any reaction of the gendarme in the permanent security post (let’s think about what could have happened in case of a terrorist incident?) must make it clear for good to Mrs. Carmen Dan that the Gendarmerie has to improve its already exiting attributions, instead of receiving bizarre tasks and rights, such as the one to conduct criminal investigations or to repress demonstrations without the restrictions that are currently applicable” Raetchi wrote in his Facebook message.

He addresses to the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Liviu Dragnea, as well as to the Interior Minister Carmen Dan, asking them to let the gendarmes “to do well” the things they are trained for.

“Mr. Dragnea, Mrs. Dan, let’s help gendarmes do well the things they are trained for and for which they chose this arm – assurance and restoration” is the end of the message sent by Ovidiu Raetchi, the Vice Chairman of the Committee for Defense, Public Order and National Security.

120 PSD parliamentarians submitted a draft law that grants increased powers to the Gendarmerie, such as the right to identify persons, to conduct judicial investigations, to make searches on cars and to call or take people to their premises. The legislative proposal was initially signed by five PNL parliamentarians, too, but they withdrew their signatures, according to news.ro.


IntMin Carmen Dan: This week we will hire approximately 6,000 new people


Interior Minister Carmen Dan announced on Saturday that the Minister of Internal Affairs will hire approximately 6,000 people this year, adding that she wants to be able to cover the 23,000 people deficit within a maximum of four years.

“Approximately 6,000 new employees will join us, the big family of the Ministry, in 2018. It is a strategy that we must pursue insistently, because I want us to be able to cover the huge 23,000 people deficit that we have, within a maximum of three or four years. I am glad to talk about the endowment; it is important to say that this year’s budget is 70% higher for this chapter” Carmen Dan stated.




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