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March 7, 2021

Suspect heard by Police in case of sexual assault of two minors

Policemen caught on Monday a 45-year-old man, suspect in the case of sexual assault of the two minors that occurred on 5 January 2018.

“Currently, at the Bucharest Police headquarters, a possible suspect of the sexual assault which occurred on 5 January 2018 – a 45-year-old man, is in custody. He was subjected to procedural activities stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Code,” the Press Office of the Bucharest Police informed on Monday.

According to a release of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court, investigations have been carried out over an extended area – 50 streets, out of which nine main streets and approximately 200 blocks.

The Bucharest Police had made a call on Saturday upon the population to track down the sex offender of the two minors, mentioning that imagines caught by other surveillance cameras have been identified.

“Regarding the case of sexual assault recorded yesterday on 5 January 2018, we inform you the following: the case was taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court and Homicide Service. Several investigation and forensic activities are being carried out. Other surveillance cameras have been identified and the imagines are being analysed. We call upon all those who know the man caught on camera to call the police using the 112 emergency number or come to the nearest police precinct,” the Bucharest Police informed at the time.


 SNPPC’s Coarna: Pedophilia suspect admits guilt; similar case existed in 2015


The pedophilia suspect admitted his guilt, according to the leader of the National Trade Union of Police Officers and Contract Personnel (SNPPC), Dumitru Coarna, who also added that he same man could have committed another similar crime back in 2015.

“He was a driver for a service head [namely the Traffic Brigade – editor’s note], he was not part of the operative team. He was brought to hearings this morning. He admitted his crime, as far as I know. (…) And I also suppose that there is a connection with the crime from 2015,” said Coarna, at the headquarters of the Capital City Police.

He also specified that the operative team was notified by the man’s colleagues from the Traffic Brigade.

“The actual information came from the Traffic Brigade, as his colleagues came and notified the operative team. We must now analyze in depth why and how he managed to resists in this system for so long, without being found, for, he should have …You see, it seems that we have another crime that was committed back in 2015, an UA [an Unknown Assailant – editor’s note] there, left unsolved until now,” Coarna explained.

According to the unionist leader, the suspect has just transferred to the Traffic Brigade within the Gendarmerie.

“Basically, the Police is under attack right now. So it won’t be good to generalize too much. It’s better to just say that Stan Eugen from the Traffic Police committed a sexual aggression crime involving children. (…) But he committed this crime as an individual. Of course that the system has a problem, for we should find out how he got there. (…) Each policeman is psychologically tested once in three years or every time when it is necessary,” said Dumitru Coarna.

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