BVB’s Anghel: If the stock exchange were a barometer, we can say Romanian economy whirred in 2017

The Romanian capital market had a very good year, and if the stock exchange would be a barometer, we can even say that the Romanian economy whirred in 2017, Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) head Lucian Anghel told a press conference.

“If the stock exchange were a barometer for the economy, then we can even say that the Romanian economy whirred in 2019, with a 19 per cent yield recorded (the BET-TR index – editor’s note) in 2017, which is not little. This is above the annual average of the past five years. The analysts’ recommendations (for the investors on the stock exchange – editor’s note) is to collects all eggs in the same basket. We recommend them to hold little from as many as instruments as possible for investing their accumulated wealth,” said Anghel.

He reminded that four companies were listed on the stock exchange in 2017, which was an exceptional year in terms of corporate bonds.

“2017 was a good year. For some of the capital market segments it was a very good year. We had four public offers, meaning new companies that were listed on the stock exchange. We discuss here about four public offers. DIGI is the biggest public history of a private company in history, which is extraordinary and gives us trust that in 2018 the public offers will continue. It was an exceptional year in terms of corporate bonds, some of them listed dually. And I mean here more than one billion euros. The domestic stock exchange capitalization is facing a 20 per cent growth, which somehow means that the national wealth is growing by 20 per cent,” said the BVB head.

According to him, capitalization of listed companies exceeds 35 billion euros and represents a record.

“The AeRO market increased the capitalization of this market by 47 per cent. There are very many entities not yet discovered by the wide public on the AeRO market. The total value of trades here exceeded 3 billion euros, showing an increase by 28 per cent compared with the past 10 years’ average. We reached up to 12 million euros in the average daily turnover for all instruments,” explained Lucian Anghel.

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