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August 15, 2022

Case of the police officer who is charged with sexual assault on children. IntMin Carmen Dan seeks 6-month authorization for principal quaestor Catalin Ionita as Police head

Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan announced on Tuesday having requested the PM a six-month authorization for principal quaestor Catalin Ionita as head of the Romanian Police, in lieu of Bogdan Despescu, who was considered unfit in the aftermath of the case of a police officer who is charged with sexual assault on children.

Dan said that Ionita, 41, who is currently head of the Anticorruption Directorate General, has been explicitly tasked on Monday with completing a system diagnose.

Carmen Dan added that she had discussed with the head of the Psychology Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and asked the redesigning of the entire procedure for the organization of the ministry’s testing activity.

Interior Minister Carmen Dan said she was completely unhappy with the explanations offered by Romanian Police high-ranking officials in the case of the officer accused of being a pedophile.

”I asked for clarifications from the management of the Romanian Police. I saw they offered a briefing via the institution’s spokesperson. (…) So far, none of the superiors of this officer pledged responsibility. (…) Superficial testing is the root cause for the presence in the system of people with behavioral deviations. (…) I declare myself completely dissatisfied with the explanations received. I didn’t see any of the persons in office come out publicly. There was no answer to the question how come none of the responsible persons was in the know about these behavioral deviations. (…) This is probably an isolated case, but with recurrences. (…) The primary information was reported with delay to the minister. Let’s have the courage to assume responsibility for the issues in the system. I find the explanations last night were fraught with gaps. (…) I asked Bogdan Despescu’s removal from office,” IntMin Dan told a press conference.

“I found that none of the Police heads assumed responsibility for the fact that the police officer was maintained in office, despite all the cases in which he is a suspect. We find out that the superficiality of the tests led to maintaining people with psychological problems in the system” IntMin stated. She announced that she met PM Tudose on Monday evening and they talked about the measures requested in this case.

Carmen Dan declared herself dissatisfied that none of the high-ranking persons in the Romanian police gave public explanations.

She stated that, despite the fact that the Road Police officer accused of sexual attack on two minors was used as a driver by his boss Emanuel Vornicu, he was a road police officer and he was fining people; he concluded the last report in December last year.

“There was one question missing from the last evening explanations: how comes that none of the Police heads knew about these behavioral deviations of the police officer?” Carmen Dan said, labeling the case as an isolated one, but “with recurrences.”

The Interior Minister said she expects the head of the Homicide Department of the Bucharest Police, Radu Gavris, and the head of the Internal Control of the Road Brigade, “to take a step backwards”, and asked the human resources stuff to have the courage to notify the behavioral deviations of the police officers who entered the system.

The Minister said that she asked Bogdan Despescu to discuss with the head of the Homicide Department about the manner in which the cases have been managed since 2009 until today.

“I asked Mr. Despescu at a certain moment to talk to the head of the Homicide Department, Mr. Gavris, about the manner in which the cases have been managed since 2009 until today. We find now that the case in 2009 is out of the prescription period” Dan stated.

The Interior Minister also said that most of the police units use psychological tests without any license.

“I was stunned to find out that most of the Police units use psychological tests without any license. We were debating a draft law regulating the matter of these tests, because 7,000 people are to be hired in the system this year” Dan explained.

Carmen Dan explained why she didn’t publicly appear on Monday to speak about the case of the police officer accused of pedophilia, saying that she had to collect the information that the head of the Romanian Police was supposed to provide to her.

The police officer working at the Bucharest Road Brigade accused that he sexually attacked two children inside the elevator of a building located in the 6th district of Bucharest was detained for 24 hours and he was going to be taken to court on Tuesday, with a proposal for preventive arrest. “On the day of January 5, 2018, within the time span 10:10-10:55, inside a building located in the 6th district – inside the elevator and on the corridor of the 8th floor – the defendant S.E. kissed the injured person, a 5 years old minor, on her cheeks, on her mouth and on her abdomen, touching her with his hand in the intimate parts of her body, and kissed the 9 years minor on his cheeks” according to the prosecutors of the Prosecution Office attached to the Bucharest Court.

The man admitted that he committed the deeds, as well as the rape committed in 2012 on a 7 years old girl in the same district, according to his lawyer.

Investigators are checking 15 cases of sexual attacks committed since 2009 until today and left with unknown author, in order to establish if the police officer was their author, according to Digi 24.

The man, whose name is Eugen Stan, is working at the Road Brigade since 2010, being transferred from the Gendarmerie as a driver of a Police head, he is married and has two children. Last year, he allegedly tried to rape a woman, and he committed a sexual attack on a little girl in 2012, also in the 6th district of Bucharest.

He was subject to a psychological test in 2014, and he was going to be tested again in 2019, according to the Romanian Police spokesman Georgian Dragan, who mentioned that the tests have a “prophylactic role” ad they aim to establish if the tested person meets the requirements of the job he has, but the tests cannot identify the mental disorders. Georgian Dragan mentioned that the assessment uses test banks, but they cannot identify the mental disorders.

Also according to the statements of the Romanian Police spokesman, measures were taken in order to rethink the activity of knowing the personnel, to modify the psychological tests and to intensify cooperation with the structures with a protection and integrity role of the staff working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In her turn, MAI spokesman Monica Dajbog stated that IntMin Carmen Dan expects explanations from the leadership of the Romanian Police related to the psychological tests the police officer has been subjected to, until Wednesday. She added that Minister Carmen Dan appreciates that an overall assessment of the Police management is needed at all levels, and “it can be done only through a serious system diagnosis”, and “until then, all those heads who hidden problems under the carpet over the time, should take a step backwards”.

“How serious and rigorous were the psychological tests that this agent was subjected to, and when his last psychological test took place? Haw was it possible that no one, in all these years, noticed this agent’s problems? What professional ratings have been obtained by the police officer in the recent years? What are the Romanian Police’s proposals in order to avoid such cases in the future?” are the questions to which Carmen Dan is waiting for an answer, Monica Dajbog stated on Monday in a press conference.


PM hasn’t take a decision on the dismissal of the head of the Romanian Police. Mihai Tudose will have a meeting with Bogdan Despescu before


PM Mihai Tudose will have a meeting on Wednesday with the head of the Romanian Police, Bogdan Despescu; the decision on his dismissal, as the Interior Minister Carmen Dan requested, will be taken only after this discussion, governmental sources stated for MEDIAFAX.

According to the quoted sources, the head of the Government will decide if he will sign Bogdan Despescu’s dismissal, as requested by Carmen Dan, only after he will meet him.

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