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March 3, 2021

Pupils no longer allowed to use mobile phones during classes, cannot be sanctioned if not wearing uniform

Marks cannot be used as a means of coercion, but the use of mobile phones during classes and the punishment of pupils who do not wear uniforms are banned by the new Regulation for organization and functioning of the pre-university education units, modified by minister’s order.

“For the fraud found in the written assessments, including written tests in the exams organized at the level of the education unit, according to this regulation, the mark 1 or insufficient, as the case may be, is given,” reads the quoted document.

“Involving children / pupils or the staff of the educational unit in the collection and / or management of funds is banned and represents misconduct. (…) The representative council of the parents is a structure, without a legal personality, whose activity is regulated by the general meeting of the chairpersons of the committees of parents of the educational unit, which has no patrimony, has no income and expense budget, has no right to collect contributions, donations and receive grants of any kind from natural or legal persons,” the same document also provides.

In the case of epidemics, bad weather, natural disasters or other exceptional situations, the regulation stipulates that classes can be suspended for a specified period.

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