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January 17, 2022

Arrest warrant in absentia for Radu Mazare, who went to Madagascar

The Supreme Court issued on Wednesday an arrest warrant in absentia on the name of the former Mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare, who announced on December 30, when he should have been present to the Police station under judicial control, that he went to Madagascar, where he will ask for political asylum.

The Supreme Court’s decision is not final, news.ro informs.

The arrest warrant o Radu Mazare’s name was issued at the DNA’s request, which claims in its request sent to the court: “The findings of the police officers prove both the general conduct of the defendant, governed by bad faith, in relation to the monitoring activity carried out on him, as well as to the risk of his escape from criminal liability by leaving the territory of the country (the fact that the investigations made by the police officers revealed that he is in the Republic of Madagascar is relevant in terms of his intention to escape from criminal liability)”.

Prosecutors say that there is enough data indicating that Radu Mazare “hid himself in order to escape from trial” and there is also a real and serious risk that the former Mayor will escape from criminal liability. “This risk must be taken into account also in relation to the defendant’s political notoriety and his entourage, consisting in many people who had important political positions and who were or are accused (or convicted) for committing corruption offenses” prosecutors say.

Former Mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare went to Madagascar in late December. At that time, he was supposed to be present to the Constanta Police, being under judicial control, but he sent the message that he went to Madagascar, where he is making steps in order to obtain political asylum. In a letter “to the interested Romanian authorities”, he says that he decided to ask for political asylum in Madagascar because he is “a political target of the parallel state” and in Romania he has “no chance to benefit from a fair, independent, objective and unbiased justice”. He also says that he will return to Romania when “a real justice” will exist.

In this document, Mazare refers to all the four new criminal cases opened this year on his name, where he is a suspect or defendant for abuse of office or complicity in abuse of office, as well as to the other four older cases, claiming that he is innocent.

Radu Mazare, who was the Mayor of Constanta for three terms, is known for his holidays in Brazil and Madagascar; last year, he opened a tourist complex in Madagascar.

In 2012, when he was the Mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare announced when he returned from a holiday in Madagascar, that he leased 1.8 hectares of land on the shore of the ocean, in a gulf located in the northern Madagascar, from a tribe, for 99 years, paying for it 1 Euro per square meter. He said at that time that he plans to build there a complex for water sports lovers.

In November 2016, the former mayor of Constanta spoke to the magistrates of the Supreme Court, at one of the hearings in the trial on funding the Henri Coanda social district, about his real estate investments in Brazil and in Madagascar, made with Elan Schwartzenberg’s money. He spoke about two lands in Brazil, bought in 2007 and in 2008, and about “approximately two hectares” in a tourist area from Madagascar. On the land in Madagascar it was built the Mantasaly resort, consisting in 16 bungalows located on the beach, restaurant, bar-lounge, SPA and store.

This July, Radu Mazare was sentenced by the Bucharest Court of Appeal to four years of suspended prison in the case of the illegal land restitutions in Mamaia, but the decision is not final. In this case there have been judged former employees of the Municipality or former local councilors. The court decided the acquittal of 26 defendants and the others received suspended prison. In this case, Radu Mazare was sent to judgement by DNA on October 28, 2008, together with 36 people, including former and current public servants of the Constanta Municipality and of the Cadastre Office, attorneys-in-fact and public notaries, for the illegal assignment of large urban land areas in the Constanta city, in Mamaia, on the beach and on the seafront. The damage in this case was estimated by DNA to approx. EUR 114 million.

Radu Mazare is also judged in other cases which are pending at the first court. Thus, the Supreme Court is judging a case in which the former Mayor of Constanta is accused of receiving EUR 8 million and more than RON 8 million from the representatives of some companies in order to ease the issuance of certain documents and to facilitate the winning of a tender or the conclusion of certain contracts. PSD MP Eduard Martin, who is an associate of SC Polaris M Holding SRL, and several public servants of the Constanta Municipality, as well as the businessman Sorin Strutinsky are also judged in this case.

He is also judged by the Supreme Court together with his brother, former Senator Alexandru Mazare, and with the businessman Avraham Morgenstern, in the case of the social campus Henri Coanda from Constanta. According to the prosecutors’ indictment, Radu Mazare, as the Mayor of Constanta, has launched in early 2011, the building program of some modular homes grouped in the “Henri Coanda” Social Campus, approved by the decision of the Constanta Local Council. In this context, Avraham Morgenstern allegedly gave to Radu Mazare EUR 175,000, in order for the latter to ease him the winning of the tender for the contract for building the social campus, in value of RON 40,964,030 without VAT (around EUR 10 million). Investigators claim that EUR 95,000 of the EUR 175,000 have been transferred into Radu Mazare’s personal account and EUR 80,000 have been transferred into the account made available by his brother, Senator Alexandru Mazare, both of them being opened at a bank in Israel.

Radu Mazare is judged by the Constanta Court in another case for abuse of office, being accused by the DNA prosecutors of having sold land in Mamaia at undervalued prices, thus making a damage of more than EUR 3 million.



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