Ludovic Orban: PNL has challenged judicial laws in due time. USR proposal is outside of due date

National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that the Liberals will not sign the constitutional challenge against the judicial laws that the Save Romania Union (USR) has announced it will lodge, because it comes outside of due date.

“PNL has challenged at the Constitutional Court all judicial laws – 303, 304, 317 – and the law modifying the ANI, within the constitutional time limit, within the time limit stipulated by law. Giving signatures to others… Do parliamentarians sign several notifications lodged with the Constitutional Court? Secondly: it’s outside of due date. Thirdly: we challenged them at the CCR. (…) I trust my colleagues – last year alone we lodged with the CCR three notifications that were validated by the Constitutional Court – that they have the capacity to formulate notifications that have extremely solid unconstitutionality grounds. (…) I don’t like these stories. I never said bad things about USR, even though one couldn’t say the same about our Opposition colleagues. I won’t do so now either. I’m asking them to consume their energy precisely in the fight against PSD,” Orban said in a Q&A session on Facebook.

He said that if the Liberals’ notifications are not admitted by the CCR, the “game” concerning the amending of the judicial laws would not be over.

“Even if all our requests are not admitted, the game is not over. The Romanian President is a rock in the face of any attempt to infringe the independence of the judiciary and to overshadow the anticorruption campaign. The Romanian President has the capacity to identify, at any time, also in the potential answer we will receive from the CCR, grounds for attack at the Constitutional Court. The war is far from over,” Orban stated.

USR announced on Tuesday that they will lodge with the Constitutional Court of Romania, by the end of this week, several notifications concerning the amendments brought to the judicial laws, and launched a public call on PNL and all independent MPs to sign the notifications.

“There are no arguments for Opposition parliamentarians not to join this overture that is absolutely vital for Romania,” reads the USD communique.

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