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January 18, 2022

Mayor Emil Boc heard by DIICOT in physician Mihai Lucan’s dossier

Cluj-Napoca Mayor Emil Boc was heard as a witness, on Wednesday morning, at the Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), in the dossier in which physician Mihai Lucan is being investigated, under judicial control, for causing prejudice to the Cluj-based Institute for Urology and Kidney Transplant.

The day before, Save Romania Union (USR) House lawmaker Emanuel Ungureanu, who had denounced Mihai Lucan, was once again heard at DIICOT, levelling new accusations against Mihai Lucan and Cluj-Napoca Mayor Emil Boc.

Emanuel Ungureanu accused Mayor Emil Boc of favouring Mihai Lucan’s clinic – Lukmed.

“Things are extremely grave in the Cluj City Hall’s association with Lukmed, and I’ll lodge a list of all local councillors who raised their hands and who have a very clear responsibility in that association which is detrimental for the city. Mr Boc cannot hide behind curtains these days, because he is directly responsible for the theft committed at the Cluj Institute of Urology. (…) Documents reveal without a doubt Mr Boc’s involvement and the involvement of all local councillors who voted all the facilities for Mr Lucan’s clinic,” Ungureanu stated.

Likewise, last week he stated that Emil Boc was operated on by professor Lucan both at the state-owned clinic and at the private clinic, and he appointed Mihai Lucan his personal adviser.

“He was helped out in Cluj by Emil Boc. He couldn’t have set up the business called Lukmed without Mr Boc. You’ll see in the succession of Local Council decisions how this business – which patients call ‘Luctheft’ – is being increasingly facilitated. Mr Emil Boc was operated on by professor Lucan both at the state-owned clinic and at the private clinic. Mr Boc appointed him personal adviser. I wonder – seeing what an evil character Lucan is – what did Mr Lucan teach Mr Boc in his capacity as adviser on health issues? I lodged a notification for Mr Boc to be investigated, for Mr Funar to be investigated, the one who offered the first grant in return for privileges that professor Lucan was able to offer to these persons. In this case, Mr Boc had a health problem and he was going through a certain circuit, without paying any money, either at the state-owned clinic or at the private clinic. (…) If you want a successful business recipe, this is it – you receive 1,000 square metres close to the centre of Cluj. You build a private clinic. In that private clinic, which is built on a plot granted by the City Hall, you register a minimum profit of one million euro per year,” Emanuel Ungureanu stated a week ago.

Mayor Emil Boc reacted to the accusations, stating that he did not benefit from preferential treatment from physician Mihai Lucan, and the grant contract for the construction of his clinic was signed before he became mayor of Cluj.

On December 21, Mihai Lucan was detained by DIICOT prosecutors along with his son, Dan Emil Fofiu – the administrative director of the Cluj Institute for Urology and Kidney Transplant, and economic director Sanda Rodica Baciu, for embezzlement and the setting up of a crime ring. On December 22, Bucharest Tribunal magistrates rejected the DIICOT prosecutors’ request to place Mihai Lucan and his son under pre-trial arrest, deciding to remand them under judicial control.

According to prosecutors, the members of the crime ring caused prejudice to the Cluj-Napoca Institute for Urology and Kidney Transplant, including by transferring to the private clinic, without paperwork, a device used for treating forms of cancer, its operational costs being covered by the Institute. 159 patients were thus treated, being charged EUR 3,000 – 6,700 per intervention.


Physician Lucan files criminal complaint against man from whom his dossier started: Emanuel Ungureanu is “DIICOT’s ‘certified’ collaborator”


Physician Mihai Lucan’s lawyers have lodged with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice a criminal complaint against USR’s Lower House lawmaker Emanuel Ungureanu, whom they accuse of compromising the interests of the judiciary in the dossier that DIICOT is handling against Mihai Lucan.

In the complaint, Emanuel Ungureanu is accused of purposefully and tendentiously revealing incomplete information to journalists, in order to put “media pressure on courts” and “to ensure the success of the prosecution,” according to judicial sources.

Likewise, according to the complaint, many of the pieces of information that the USR lawmaker provided to DIICOT prosecutor Marian Delcea were in fact based on “his own analysis” of information received from various sources, data that he then presented to the press in public statements even before the lawyers found out that Ungureanu was heard, luju.ro informs.

According to the criminal complaint, this is provable by comparing the press statements with the content of the statements that Emanuel Ungureanu made at DIICOT.


Emil Boc, after five hours of hearings at DIICOT: There were four decisions of the Local Council for supporting Lukmed; the Municipality didn’t plan to favor anybody. I paid the interventions that I had at Lukmed


The mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, stated when exiting DIICOT, after five hours of hearings, that there were four decisions of the Local Council for supporting the Lukmed clinic, at the request of physician Mihai Lucan. Boc pointed out that the Municipality didn’t favor anybody, but it only wanted to gain through prestige and through the quality of the medical services, adding that all the investors are supported by the Municipality if they have a legal framework. He also referred to the interventions that he had at the Urology Institute and at Doctor Lucan’s clinic, saying that he paid the medical services he received.

“In Cluj, I want to make it clear, all the investors, if they have a legal framework, are supported by the Municipality, otherwise their requests are not accepted. The same was in Mr. Lucan’s case, those requests that had a legal basis were promoted to the Local Council, others were stopped and it was decided what to do according to the law” Emil Boc stated when exiting DIICOT.

He mentioned that there are four decisions of the Local Council for supporting  physician Lucan, first of them being since 2004.

“There are four HLCs (decisions of the Local Council – e.n.). First of them is since 2004, when the Mayor was Mr. Funar, which I consider to be legal and reflecting Cluj’s desire to become a powerful medical center. That Decision of the Local Council established the length of the association to 45 years, the price of EUR 70 per square meter and the object – building a clinic. It’s not the only decision of the Local Council that was adopted. The Municipality didn’t plan to favor anybody, but to grant a legal support to all the investors. (…) The Municipality didn’t intend to gain profit, but to gain through prestige and through the quality of the medical services” Emil Boc explained.

The mayor of Cluj mentioned that he had no information about the illegalities done by physician Lucan, arguing that he has a different field of activity, and knowing these things is the job of the investigators.

Boc also said that he had medical interventions at Lukmed ad at the urology Institute.

“Fortunately, nobody else had kidney stones in my family. I had an emergency intervention at the Urology institute in 2005, and then I had other two medical interventions at the Lukmed clinic. The last one was in 2015, and I paid RON 1,500 for it, I received a receipt, I remember it was in the evening. I don’t have the receipt anymore, but the payment can be checked” Boc said.

Asked if he will submit a complaint against Emanuel Ungureanu, Emil Boc said that since he is a public person, his job is not to sue people, but if Ungureanu “will continue to slander”, he will sue him.

“I never sued anyone. I appreciated that since I am a public person, suing people is not my job. But I will not let things get out of control. (…) There is a limit for everything. I am almost ready to take a different decision. If Mr. Ungureanu, after my presence here, in front of the investigators, will continue to slander me, I will sue him” Boc stated.


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