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July 23, 2021

PM Tudose: I believe that, if allowed, Carmen Dan will resign; if she does so, I will accept it

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on Wednesday said that “if allowed,” Carmen Dan will resign as Interior Minister.

“She voiced her opinion on Monday and ever since Monday she said she is willing to resign. (…) At this moment, I believe I will accept it, if she does resign. (…) I believe that if allowed, she will resign,” Tudose said on Antena 3 private television channel.

The PM pointed that Minister Carmen Dan “lied” to him and he can no longer work with her.


“My firm conviction is Government restructuring is needed”


Tudose on Wednesday said that a Government restructuring is needed to a number beginning with “1,” however he pointed out that besides the Interior Minister, Carmen Dan, he has no problems with any other minister.

“We want to make the governance act more efficient. We want spending on state functioning be lower. 21 ministries is a bit too much. (…) I would like [their number] to begin with 1, not 2. Be them 11, be them 19, at least to begin with 1. A bunch of structures have been created in time belonging to the same ministry in the territory, a bunch of branches, I would like to see them merged back, as this also eliminates bureaucracy. (…) We have committed and I have committed to do this thing – debureaucratization, a much more coherent functioning of the state institutions, and we have taken up on this task. If it bothers some and some don’t agree and speculate that there are sides (…), what do you want me to do? To say that what I think is wrong? This is how I think, this is how I see it. (…) I will be in this office as long as I can do what I feel that I can do well. If I can no longer do this, I will go home. (…) This is my firm conviction [that a restructuring is needed],” Tudose told Antena 3 private television channel.

He underscored he wants a lighter government, closer to the citizen.

Tudose also maintained that he isn’t taking sides and that he is a Social Democratic Party (PSD) member.

On the other hand, the PM said that Health Minister Florian Bodog is trying to solve the problems in the healthcare system.


Mihai Tudose on justice laws: Any law can be perfected


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on Wednesday stated about justice laws that any law can be perfected and the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) might say certain things need to be improved.

“The decision to bring these laws directly to Parliament belonged to the coalition. (…) They never reached the Government. The justice law did not leave from the Ministry of Justice and, for various reasons, it couldn’t be properly finalized. One of these reason was of a technical nature, since these laws couldn’t be brought out by the Government without the approval of the Venice Commission, which was set to meet only now, in January, and other approvals were needed too, and then it was decided to bring it directly to Parliament, since there was no need for such approvals there. Secondly, from a procedural point of view or, if you want, from a media perspective, the huge scandal in January 2017 burst because the government members drafted the laws overnight, “like thieves”, without submitting it to Parliament, which is the democratic forum of the country, for debate. (…) If they are good, or bad, or they can be perfected, for any law can be perfected, since we did not write the Bible now, the Constitutional Court will decide, this is life. In the end, the Parliament, which is the supreme democratic institution, gave its opinion,” Tudose Told Antena 3 private television channel.

The Prime Minister said that he endorsed the procedure of adoption of the justice laws, but he added that he was not a specialist in constitutional law.

“First of all, I endorse the procedure. I am not a specialist in constitutional law. The Constitutional Court could resolve that certain things need to be improved, we will see if they are very good or not. I voted for them,” said Tudose.


PM Tudose says Gov’t received strange lease request from Royal Family regarding Elisabeta Palace


The Government received “a bit strange” lease request from the Royal Family regarding the Elisabeta Palace, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose stated on Wednesday.

When asked at Antena 3 private television station if things developed taking into account that the Royal Family has to leave the Elisabeta Palace in February, the head of the Executive responded: “I have received a rental request (…), a thing a bit strange, that they are willing to pay any rent, but with a grace period of one year (…), meaning one year without paying. If during this time a law is passed which gives them the right to use it for free, obviously the lease contract disappears and they observe the law. If no law passes then they can denounce the contract at any time. Meaning we stay here one more year free of charge and we’ll see what will do. It doesn’t work.”

Furthermore, PM Tudose mentioned that on Wednesday’s Government sitting, the legislative initiative on the regulation of the Royal House legal status didn’t receive the greenlight.

“Today, at the Government sitting, the draft law didn’t receive the greenlight on permanently handing over it [the Elisabeta Palace]. I was very firm in respect to the destination of that palace. (…) The Justice Minister gave a negative point of view on criteria of unconstitutionality,” Tudose stated.

Moreover, the Government head mentioned that the Royal Family reclaimed everything on which they had claimed ownership in Romania.

“I understand that they reclaimed everything on which they claimed ownership. (…) They came with the list, it was a negotiation back then (…) and they received them. (…) Have you taken Peles, Savarsin? I don’t know them all, with some groves, forests, some domains. Are we still reclaiming? We had an epiphany, we remembered owning a train station? All right, do the papers, we’ll see – if you owned it or not?,” Tudose also said.

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