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February 28, 2021

Ponta, list for Tudose containing five major problems for Romania

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta has listed five major problems for Romania, problems that the Premier must immediately tackle.

“January 2018 – Romania’s Premier (whoever he may be) must start the year with the engines revved up to the maximum and must frontally tackle at least 5 systemic problems that can explode at any moment – and so they can’t be delayed (finances, energy, police, education, public sector salaries):

  1. At ANAF (National Agency for Tax Administration) and throughout the Finance Ministry there is already a disaster caused by the absurd “fiscal revolution”! Premier Tudose can solve the situation through an ordinance that would prorogue the enforcement deadlines until a serious analysis is made and the mistakes and absolutely inexplicable measures are set right (everything in consultation with the business sector which is driven to despair by the situation)!
  2. The energy sector disaster that will explode with the onset of cold weather – both the prices of electricity (and now natural gas) that have reached an unbearable level for the population but also for businesses / the imports of energy at exorbitant prices, but especially the production incapacity during the cold period and the lack of investments in modernising production and transmission
  3. In education (after the sinister lie about the 25 percent hike, which stands in fact at 1 percent because 21 percent became contributions paid by the employee and 3 percent is the annual inflation rate) there are now delays in the payment of salaries – and the 2018 budget for education and research is the lowest since 2010????
  4. The chaos and lack of authority and responsibility in the “toughest” ministry of the Government – the Interior Ministry / instead of ensuring the enforcement of the law and the safety of citizens, the Romanian Police has unfortunately become just another instrument that Liviu Dragnea and the “Teleorman Cartel” has taken over and is using to settle scores and for personal power!
  5. The salary law adopted without the Government’s green light is starting to show its “cracks” / and after people receive the salaries in February (for January 2018) the dissatisfaction will be difficult to manage.

The 5 “ticking timebombs” are followed by many other problems – to solve them, Romania needs a competent and stable Government. Do you think Liviu Dragnea agrees with this?!?! Every day lost is a day lost for all Romanians – and this costs us very much,” Victor Ponta wrote on his social media account.


Carmen Dan wants to resign but Liviu Dragnea won’t let her. Tudose should have demanded her resignation


Victor Ponta, former Premier and former president of PSD, stated that based on the information he has from former PSD colleagues, Interior Minister Carmen Dan allegedly wants to resign but “Liviu Dragnea won’t let her.” Moreover, Ponta recommends that Premier Mihai Tudose should ask Dan to leave the Government.

“Carmen Dan wants to resign, but Liviu Dragnea won’t let her. Colleagues from PSD have told me. She must ask for Dragnea’s permission. The school secretary from Videle is a disaster. As long as Tudose lacks authority over the ministers, if he can’t replace a minister, if he can’t appoint an Interior Minister, what role does he have left? He should have demanded her resignation. ‘Ms Carmen Dan, you either resign or I’ll dismiss you. Go on, go in the hallway and write it!’ that’s what he should have told her. She has a sole purpose: things should be good for Dragnea,” Victor Ponta stated on B1TV. Moreover, the ex-Premier made harsh statements about the PSD President. “Dragnea has mafia-like thinking, he only trusts those who were with him. Carmen Dan, back when she was a prefect, signed all the paperwork concerning the Belina Lake and Tel Drum. That’s a ridiculous felony. She made a fool of herself with that story about the bug planted in the electric plug. An Interior Minister who runs to the press and runs to the television stations, unprecedented. What Carmen Dan is doing only serves to deepen the lack of confidence in police. Dragnea has confiscated PSD, the Government and the Parliament, it’s the worst thing that could have happened,” Victor Ponta stated on B1TV.


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