President Iohannis notifies CCR on modification of local public administration law

On Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis lodged with the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) a notification of unconstitutionality regarding the legislative act amending and supplementing law no.215/2001, the local public administration law, the Presidency informs.

The Head of State points out that Parliament sent him, on 23 December 2017, in view of promulgation, the law amending and supplementing the local public administration law no.215/2001, which institutes a new procedure for the confirmation – subsequent to the forming of the Local Council – of the local councillor mandates.

“The mentioned law establishes new rules in what concerns the quorum of Local Council or County Council meetings in which the validation or invalidation of one or more new local councillors/county councillors is being proposed. We consider that this law contains unclear regulations, inaccurately formulated, which run counter to Constitutional norms and principles and which infringe the provisions of Articles 1 (5), 16 (1), 120 (1), 121 (2), 123 (2) and 123 (4) of the Constitution,” reads the unconstitutionality notification.


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