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March 5, 2021

PSD’s surprise presidential candidate. House lawmaker Liviu Plesoianu to run for the supreme office in the state: Regardless of PSD’s decision, I will run for office

Lower House lawmaker Liviu Plesoianu (PSD) has announced he will run in the presidential elections of 2019, regardless of his colleagues’ decision, and has said that Liviu Dragnea’s statements according to which it would be a mistake to announce the name of the party’s presidential candidate are erroneous, that being the method that led to two of the Establishment’s men becoming Prime Ministers.

“I’m telling you I’ll do exactly what I said I’d do several months ago. I’ll run in the presidential elections of 2019. When PSD decides to hold that Conference, party members will decide, as it’s natural. But regardless of that decision, I’ll still run in 2019. (…) Dear colleagues, even though I publicly and clearly announced my intention, I’ll continue to shun meetings with any internal camp in 2018 too. I’m not interested at all in obtaining interested support. I’m not interested at all in taking part in decisions born behind some curtain, behind any curtain,” Liviu Plesoianu wrote.

The lawmaker criticises PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, Head of Government Mihai Tudose, but also his colleagues who take part in such meetings.

“In 2017, I tried and managed to do two things I consider very important: to fight relentlessly and unreservedly against the Hydra that has taken this country hostage for well over a decade and, at the same time, not to take part in any meeting, of any kind (even masked in various ways), with any group within PSD. I’m NOT interested at all in the “political game,” in the sense of the classic infighting for power! (…) Personally, even though I won’t hide from you the fact that I receive very many messages of support from very many areas, I’m adamant to say ‘thank you’ but to move on, looking in front of me, only toward my principles and ideals. Utopian or not utopian, these are the things I believe in. Erring or not erring, I’ll continue to walk along the same line as I’ve done so far. If PSD, as a whole, will resonate with this line, we’ll walk together and we’ll build new meanings together. If not, I’ll continue to stick to my road and I won’t stop…,” reads the lawmaker’s posting.

In what concerns the issue of the presidential candidate, Liviu Plesoianu states that Liviu Dragnea is applying the same recipe he applied when it came to nominate the Premier.

“Well, let’s see how it went in the case of the ‘PSD Premier.’ Do you still remember? Before and during the elections campaign, the great enigma was precisely PSD’s nominee for the Premier’s office. Nobody knew, nobody talked. The reason? The same: ‘if we publicise it now, the Establishment will obliterate him/her.’ Ok. And? What was the result? The result was that the Shhaideh nomination was rejected out rightly by Iohannis (even though PSD had said that was going to be the sole nomination and, if rejected, “we would meet somewhere else” – namely at the impeachment!).

“Then, the result was pulling Grindeanu out of the hat. And “Grindianu,” only a few months later, barricaded himself in the Government building, and told us – gnashing his teeth – that ‘this is the real Grindianu!’ and confessed from Brussels and on… Realitatea TV, that the protests in Victory Square are wonderful.

“Another absolutely wonderful result was pulling Tudose out of the hat (it’s true, a somewhat bigger hat, to fit). The Social Democrat with a Ph.D. thesis at the SRI [Romanian Intelligence Service], whose preface was signed by Coldea and the afterword by Maior, has kicked two party colleagues out of the Government, only a few months apart. The reason? ‘They are lawbreakers!’ In other words, the PSD Premier has used precisely Iohannis’s favourite propaganda term. Moreover, he stated precisely this when asked for his opinion on DNA abuses: ‘No, I don’t believe any prosecutor can do whatever he wants in the Government. I don’t believe certain prosecutors can do this. I don’t know who would be so determined as to start fabricating dossiers, one after another, against innocent people, only in order to reshuffle the Government. I don’t believe anybody toys around with this! I am confident that, even though there could be backsliding, one cannot go as far!’… Isn’t it absolutely superb? In other words, PSD’s Premier thinks there are no abuses on the part of the DNA…

“In brief, even though there would have been much to say (and I did my duty and said it all both within the party and publicly, at the time), this has been pretty much the great result of that secrecy when it came to the ‘PSD Premier’: a rejected nomination, followed by two of the ESTABLISHMENT’s Premiers. It’s good, right? It’s worth doing the same in view of 2019, isn’t it?”



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