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January 17, 2022

Basescu suggests to PM Tudose to set up ministry of country’s reunification

The President of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Senator Traian Basescu, suggested Sunday to Prime Minister Mihai Tudose that, with the restructuring of the Government, he should set up a ministry of the reunification of the country.

Basescu said that Romania must demand the annulment of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, which can be, according to him, a country project that would restore Romania’s dignity.

“We must have an open, affirmed policy, the same as Germany had an open, affirmed position to reunite Germany. If [PM] Tudose is doing restructuring, why not make a ministry of reunification of the country? Nobody speaks of the Romanians in Ukraine or elsewhere. A ministry of the reunification of the country to promote the idea of reunification of the country. We have this problem of national dignity (…) We are living even now after what was established two murderers: Hitler and Stalin, through their foreign ministers, with the odious Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact,” the former president of Romania said in a broadcast on private B1 TV station.

He informed that he would support the Tudose Government if it decided to set up such a ministry.

Basescu said that in the new parliamentary session he would initiate a document by which Parliament will affirm its wish for union with the Republic of Moldova.

The PMP leader also expressed the hope that the union with the Republic of Moldova would be achieved in less than ten years, taking into account “how the unionist trend evolves”.

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