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October 4, 2022

M.A.I. – No man’s land of the Romanian politics

Romania has become the country where scandal is a sort of modus vivendi. The scandal, followed by mini or maxi wars or earthquakes that shake from roots the various parts of the nation, from its fundamental cell – the family – to the completely decentered and unbalanced top of the politics, it is the sign under which we live since we don’t know when.

Romanian society is systematically assaulted by all the kinds of media toxic projectiles which are stirring it and making it psychotic to the deepest roots of its being.

And the most consistent batch of ammunition is delivered daily especially by politics.

From simple ordinary facts, such as the aberrant increase of the price of parsley, to the most abominable and incredible deeds, such as the sexual assault and rape on minor(s), everything starts and ends from and with politics.

And everything must mandatorily turn into a huge media scandal and masquerade. It doesn’t matter if this scandal which politics is intentionally maintaining in a way that clearly threats in the end the emotional and mental stability of any of us, either young or old people, and of course, it automatically threats the stability of the entire state structure.

By the way, this state is in a total chaos and drift, with or without the daily scandals arranged in the movie sets of the politics.

But politics seems to care less and less of what it generates and live behind it. The rose is what counts, as they say.

Last days, Eugen Stan, a police officer of the Bucharest Road Brigade, a father, husband, colleague, neighbor and Romanian among Romanians, was identified as the sexual aggressor of two minors in a neighborhood in Bucharest.

Thus, it was found that police officer Eugen Stan is a dangerous pedophile and rapist, whose identification was totally “accidentally” made, by his colleagues. This happened after days in which various images with a guy in circumstances that thrilled and outraged any normal man, have been intermittently broadcasted by almost all the TV channels.

It’s not a secret anymore, not even an amazing thing that Romania has become a “prosperous” county in terms of delinquency and criminality of almost all kinds and at almost all the important levels of the society and state.


The most terrifying part of this whole horror story of the police officer who is a pedophile and rapist is far from being summarized or at least limited to the identification and late arrest of the one who wasn’t bothered, but well covered by colleagues, superiors and by the infallible police uniform, for 10 years or maybe for more than 10 years (who can know and who can believe anymore in “the truth and fairness” of the information delivered by the Romanian Police and other state institutions correlated to it?!).

The policeman is an entity which in any state of the civilized world, by definition, has undertaken to protect the law and the lives of the citizens whom he serves and for whom he is doing his job, at the cost of his own life.

Eugen Stan is a sick man. Very sick and very dangerous.

But police officer Eugen Stan is a man who is as dangerous as he reflects not only a human monster, but a ferocious sexual predator who has emotionally (and not only emotionally) destroyed a number of children, teenagers and women which is not known yet, but he reflects the pathology and the cancer itself which grinds a whole state system from within. He is an exponent who reached the surface of the Romanian institutional moral mud, which becomes an infinitely more grotesque and serious thing. He seems to be only the accidental reflection of a huge and sinister octopus whose tentacles can reach the highest levels of the state.

“The Rapist”. This is the nickname with which policeman Eugen Stan was named by his colleagues from the Police and known and recognized even by his superiors.

But let’s see which is the connection between Eugen Stan, also called “The Rapist”, and politics.

As expected, and as it actually was easy to guess from the start, the detonation of the case of the pedophile policeman has immediately reflected also inside the fighting and diversion machine of PSD.

Now, no one can be sure if politics uses these social situations and circumstances with a high impact to the public, which seem to exactly fit in certain key moments of the eternal inner war of PSD, or… if PSD has a wide range and props of subjects with a high emotional impact to the public, which it detonates in the field in the same key moments.

Anyway, on the background of the neverending and exhausting internal war of PSD between the so-called groups and cores of power which permute and change every day, or even every hour in the last days, the new scapegoat – the pedophile policeman – has opened a new level of the internal conflict inside PSD.

This was easy to foresee, as I said. But why?

In simple and brief terms – because, in my opinion, what now seems to be an irreconcilable and “devastating” conflict between the Dragnea wing of the party and the newer, radical and “hard” Tudose wing, abruptly and brutally solved by the terrifying episode of the pedophile policeman, is only an extremely low and naïve version of a political manipulation which PSD is constantly approaching.

And this started even before the mentioned incident.

Immediately after the New Year’s Eve, there was a movement inside PSD, officially announced in various punctual moments. It indicated as distinctly as possible the direction in which the working fronts will move inside the party between 2018 and the moment of the official entry into a straight line, in 2019, the year of the presidential elections.

The so-called formation and separation of the two big groups that are mutually “hostile”, and which can be seen by the general public, is only an old and obsolete political strategy to place targets on two or more rabbits which you release into the public space and on which you direct attention by various media diversionist ways.

Such as:

An internal party conflict that grows asymmetrically with unforeseeable and well-oriented assaults and withdrawals that are mirrored with events of maximum social impact.

Smaller or larger confrontations and collisions between various “soldiers” of the two interparty groups, on social and political stakes with immediate consequences.

Governmental reshufflings came from nowhere and suddenly for more or less clear reasons or for reasons of national interest, rather to maintain the illusion of a strategical rethinking of the composition of the Government on the premises of party political group interests.

Placing smoke bombs in the opposite camp – see the victimized situation of the Minister Carmen Dan vs. the ferocious and radical position of the PM Mihai Tudose in the episode of the dismissal, appointment and withdrawal of the IGPR head.

Placing carriers of crossed messages in media and in the virtual space. These are political thumpers and media spreaders from inside the party who started their pre-electoral propaganda mission and maneuvers since before the end of 2017.

Hoax-rumors like “Liviu Dragnea and Mihai Tudose are at daggers drawn! Crisis inside PSD!”, “Mihai Tudose turned against Liviu Dragnea. It’s a matter of time until Liviu Dragnea will leave the party’s leadership”, “Will Mihai Tudose be the next leader of PSD?”, “PSD has been divided in two groups – Liviu Dragnea’s group and Mihai Tudose’s group”, etc. All these hoax-news have been released, stimulated and simulated over the whole period of November – December 2017, and their amplitude continues to grow now, in 2018.

Finding pretexts and throwing the dead cat from one group to another. Publicly showing the cat to one of another of the actors who follow, by threatening with dismissal or expressly, publicly and imminently asking the resignation of a key person, etc., etc., etc.

Thus, at the shelter of this epic-decorative propaganda machinery of PSD, Liviu Dragnea and his personal court started the campaign itinerary. Meanwhile, the mission of the “terrible opponent” of the current leader of the left, Mihai Tudose, does its job and accompanies it in Bucharest, maintaining the media discord with all the kind of smoke bombs and fighting arena episodes which incite to the fullest, distract the public opinion and makes room and time to the party activists and factory to prepare the field for the things that really count and follow.

I think almost everybody understood that politics is a show that is continuously performed. A show that uses attributes and people which can seem harmless and even funny up to a certain point. However, besides the whole show, in the day-to-day life of the state, there are unimaginable implications and consequences.

The ticket price and the cost of the consequences of the movie in the real life are paid by all of us. Especially by those who don’t have any direct profit or special prize for the movie or theater performances of the political actors on the casting list.

The connotations and the valences of this dangerous political game are all the more serious as it came to speculate by an unspeakable manner one of the most important state structures – the Ministry of Interior via the Romanian Police – as a political territory and fighting weapon.

Like Justice, the Ministry of Interior of the country is a national objective with 0 level of security.

Political harms of any kind brought to this state structure can have incalculable internal consequences.

In conclusion, I would like to underline one last detail, which in the course of the events and in the totally artificial light in which they are exposed to our eyes, could elude details and shades which can make huge differences in the end, between the intentions and direction given by a political manipulation machine and what is and happens in the reality from behind it.

The Romanian Ministry of Interior is not at its first political scandal of this kind. The Gigina case was and remained another element with tragic and mysterious connotations which are still unsolved, being in the same backyard of this ministry. A name with important and deep political connotations – Gabriel Oprea – and an unseen wire which, although in an extremely tangled manner which is still absolutely occulted, leads to the same place where almost all the wires of any large political scandal in Romania led in the last 3 years – PSD and Liviu Dragnea, is related to the early and dramatic death of the police officer Bogdan Gigina.

I am wondering, the case of the pedophile policeman who alerted the whole country and seems to have cut the great Gordian knot from inside the current power formula of PSD will end in the same place where the Bogdan Gigina case ended for the same reasons?


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