Searches in tax evasion, money laundering file, with rd EUR 2.57 million estimated damage

As many as 20 searches are ongoing on Monday morning in Bucharest and four counties: Prahova, Bacau, Giurgiu and Ilfov, at the seats of some commercial companies and at the houses of certain persons presumed to have committed economic crimes, in a file with an estimated damage worth rd EUR 2.57 million (rd RON 11.9 million), according to a release by the Prahova County Police Inspectorate sent to AGERPRES.

The economic criminal investigation police with the Prahova County Police Inspectorate under the coordination of the prosecutors with the Prahova Court Prosecutors’ Office are performing searches at 20 homes, in Bucharest and the counties of Prahova, Bacau, Giurgiu and Ilfov. The action is targeting persons under suspicion of being part of a criminal organisation specialised in tax evasion and money laundering,” the IJPP release informs.

According to the Police, in 2012 – 2016 three commercial companies would have influenced the tax obligations owed to the state budget in the negative way by recording unreal purchases in their own bookkeeping. In order to commit tax evasion, ten shadow companies were used, the release reads.

The prejudice worth rd RON 3,900,000 results out of tax evasion and over RON 8,000,000 from money laundering, the source adds.

As many as 19 persons are to be brought to hearings.

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